What? Queer Movie Night

When? May 15, 18:30 

Where? EB 104 (in room EB226)

On May 15th is our next Movie Night at EB104! Have a cozy evening and watch a queer movie with us! You can arrive from 18:30 and the movie will start at 19:00. You will find out which movie in time via Instagram or our Telegram channel. As always, there will be free snacks and drinks at student prices! We look forward to seeing you 🙂

Accessibility: The room is wheelchair accessible and smoke-free. We will decide together on the language/subtitles for the movie. There is an awareness team (concept below). Unfortunately, we cannot offer childcare. 

What? Bar evening

When? May 28, 20:00

Where? Silver Future, Weserstraße 206,12047 Berlin

The Queer Referat invites you: You want to get to know other queer students and people from the QueerRef off-duty? Then come and meet up with us in a relaxed atmosphere for a queer bar evening. There’s no program, but lots of fun and exciting conversations!

Accessibility: Unfortunately, we cannot provide an awareness team on site. One step at the entrance has a very steep ramp. The toilets are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. Smoking is permitted in the back room. Silver Future only allows people 18+.

What? Drag Queer Beer

When? 05.06.

Where? Tba

On 25.10. our third DRAG QUEER BEER will take place in EB104. You want to see amazing drag artists live on stage at the university? Then come along, bring your friends and crushes and celebrate everything that is drag with us! You want to perform yourself? Even better! Just send us an email or write us on Instagram! As always, there will be free snacks and drinks at student prices.


As the Queer Department of the AStA TUB, we want to offer events for queer people at the TU. It is particularly important to us that all people feel comfortable at our events. We do not accept discriminatory behavior, including anti-queer and trans*, racist, antisemitic, classist and ableist behavior. It is important to us that all people who need help see us as a point of contact and that we respond appropriately to incidents.

In order to achieve this, we provide an awareness team at all events that can be recognized by pink high-visibility vests. We do our best to design the awareness team in such a way that everyone feels safe to approach them. The awareness team can also be reached by phone and via Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal (+49 1575 4695822) at larger/more chaotic events. The best way to reach us afterwards is via our email (

The awareness team actively approaches people who it perceives as disruptive or who appear to be in need of support. The person in need of help has the right to decide how the awareness team intervenes. In certain serious cases, however, we feel compelled to step in.

There is an awareness room or area at all events. In the Zwille this is directly in the building, in EB104 you have to walk a few minutes to the room of our Collective. People in need may use this room to calm down and recover. There we provide a blanket, water, stimming toys, food, tea, and a first aid kit.

We do not want drugs to be consumed at our events. Alcohol in reasonable quantities is the only exception. Smoking is generally only permitted outside, sometimes in certain smoking areas outside.

We reserve the right to expel people who behave unacceptably from the event.

If you have any questions about our concept, please send us an email or speak to us in person.