Queer Department

About the department

We are the autonomous queer department in the general students’ committee (AStA) of the TU. We try to represent the interests of queer, transintersex and or non-binary students at TU Berlin. We fight against structural and institutional – and against all other forms of – queer and trans hostility at the TU and in society. In doing so, we also position ourselves against any other kind of discrimination and oppression – against capitalism and patriarchy. We fight intersectionally against every form of antisemitism, racism and ableism.

We want to create a “safer space” and be a space where we can all take a short breath. Where we can take a little “break” – from the cis-heteronormative environment – and where we can empower and exchange with each other. For this we organise, for example, the Queer Beer, the Queer Café, workshops, film evenings, lectures and book presentations. We are organised as a collective – without hierarchies – and are happy about every person who wants to join!

Feel free to drop by our weekly open plenary or visit our events! We look forward to seeing you!

**If you want to come to an event and need childcare or other support, please let us know and we will try to organise it.