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Information about the processing status of your applications Due to limited access to our office caused by covid-19 we are on delay. We are very sorry for that. Please refrain from sending us emails to ask about the status so we can focus on processing your applications. We will send you a letter if there are news for you. Even though we are in delay we want to encourage you to keep submitting applications.

If you are unsure wether you can still submit an application feel free to contact us via email! Your SoSe grant applications are still being processed. The deadline for submitting grant applications for WiSe 21/22 was extended until October 15, 2021 You are a fist-year student? Then you can still submit your WiSe 21/22 application until 31 October 2021. The WiSe20/21 applications will be processed when the processing of the SoSe20 applications is finished. Thank you for understanding!

Office Hours From August on we will reintroduce a weekly office hour. If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will then advise you by e-mail or make an appointment for a phone call. On most days you can also reach us by phone at the semester ticket office. We are happy to help you!

Difficulties in the university administaration after IT attack

Currently the uni’s administration does not have access to SAP.
Therefore payments are not possible at the moment!

If you don’t have a student ID card at the moment but you need you’re train ticket you can get a transport pass. Please note the following information:
“It is not currently possible to issue student IDs. In individual cases, it is possible to have a transport pass issued after prior verification. Please send an email (TU email address) with your matriculation number to telefonservice(at)”

You can find further information here, listed in the section FAQ Organization of studies

How to get the documents to us: It’s best for us to receive the documents via e-mail (quick reminder to please not send .jpg-files or other image files, and to send one merged pdf-file). Otherwise you can send all mail to our adress. We urge you not to give the mail to the doormen, as this sometimes led to problems. If you should give it to them, please ask for a receipt of you having handed in mail!

We´re fighting for a fair semesterticket (365€ per year)! Please sign our petition to support our claim!

The Price of the Semesterticket stays stable!

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning as well as the Administration for Environment, Traffic and Climate Protection have decided to even out the increased price of the semester ticket. This means that students do not have to pay more for their ticket in an already difficult time. The IGSemTixBBB (student organization) continues to work towards a decrease in price similar to the 365 Euro Year Ticket of the profession apprentices (Azubis).

What we do

The Semesterticket Office is a collective institution of the TU Berlin, UdK, and Alice Salomon Hochschule AStAs. We work together with the relevant university administration.

Our work includes:

  • processing of exemption and grant applications
  • helping you with questions concerning the Semesterticket
  • handling the settlement with VBB

You can find us in the TU Berlin Main Building close to the Campus Center.

Opening hours

Due to the restricted operation at the TU, our office hours are Due to restricted operations at TU Berlin, we are currently not holding in-person office hours. You can send us your questions via email.

Mo. / Mon.

Di. / Tue.

Mi. / Wed.

Do. / Thu.

Fr. / Fri.

Dear applicants,
Currently TU Berlin is operating essential-only presence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Access to the office is therefore restricted. We are unable to conduct business as usual and delays in processing your application are, unfortunately, unavoidable. For reasons of data privacy, we are unable to process your applications when working from home. We apologize for the delay. Please refrain from sending emails asking about the status of your applications for winter semester 19/20 and summer semester 20. We will inform you of any updates regarding your application.

The deadline for handing in applications for a grant is 20 July 2020 (for winter semester 2020/21)

Important information about exemption from mandatory Semesterticket fees (TU students only): If you are applying for exemption due to a semester of leave (Urlaubssemester) or your degree program (Studiengang), please upload a scan of your application form here: . If you are applying due to absence, health, or company ticket, please send us the application form as a pdf via email. A final request to those who already sent us their documents or applications: Please do not send us your documents twice! We will contact you if something is missing. Thank you for your cooperation and patience and we hope to see you in our office hours again soon!

If you are experiencing financial hardship due to the coronavirus or other reasons, we recommend you apply for a grant. Social Counseling may also help you:

Best wishes, 
Your Semesterticketbüro <3



TU-Hauptgebäude, TU Main Building, rooms H 2130a-33 (new building, 2nd floor, can be reached with the elevators in the foyer)

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