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The (temporary) end of the semester ticket: The semester ticket contract between VBB and AStA TU will not be continued in the winter semester 23/24. The student parliament made this decision. You can read the reasons for this here:

Here, you find information about which alternatives to the semester ticket could maybe be an option for you:
49-euro ticket/Deutschlandticket: You can now upgrade your semester ticket and use it as a Deutschlandticket! You can find out how it works and what it costs here:
The deadline to request the grant for summer semester 2023 is past. Due to the fact that there will be no semester ticket in the winter semester 2023-2024, please refrain from applying for this semester. 
Important Exception: If you study at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule, you can still apply for the Winter Semester 23/24 - till 01. October 2023

We are finishing up work on your Winter Semester 21/22 applications. Now we work on your applications for Summer semester 22 soon. Therefore we have to ask for some documents via snail mail. Please inform us if you have changed your adress, so you`ll get our letters!

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  • vereinbare einen Termin für die Zuschuss-Sprechstunde
    make an appointment for the grant-counsleing

Hier findest du unsere Sprechzeiten. Du kannst ein Termin vereinbaren, oder einfach vorbeikommen. Wir helfen dir mit deine Fragen zum Antrag auf Zuschuss oder Befreiung.

Information about the processing status of your applications Due to limited access to our office caused by covid-19 we are on delay. We are very sorry for that! Even though we are in delay we want to encourage you to keep submitting applications.

If you are unsure weather you can still submit an application feel free to contact us via email!

How to get the documents to us: Our Upload Tool works in accordance with data protection laws. To make sure your data stays safe, please use the Upload Tool to send us documents. You find the Upload Tool above.

What we do

The Semesterticket Office is a collective institution of the TU Berlin, UdK, and Alice Salomon Hochschule AStAs. We work together with the relevant university administration.

Our work includes:

  • processing of exemption and grant applications
  • helping you with questions concerning the Semesterticket
  • handling the settlement with VBB (currently this task is handled by the Landesastenkonferenz (LAK))

Best wishes, 
Your Semesterticketbüro <3



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