General Office

Office hours during Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our office remains closed to the public. We are still answering your emails and you can call us at fixed times.

Mo. / Mon.

Di. / Tue.

Mi. / Wed.

  • Büro

    am 30.11. geschlossen

Do. / Thu.

Fr. / Fri.


E-mail: (PGP: 0x9672198BAAF26322)

Phone: Please keep in mind that we are temporarily reachable via different phone numbers, due to Covid-19. The current number for each time you will find in our office hours schedule above.

Fax: (030) 314 – 28714

Attention: Unfortunately, the university does not ensure the functioning of the elevator in the building, which is why the AStA is unfortunately not barrier-free. However, we certainly do not want this to make us inaccessible to everyone. Therefore, we ask you to contact us beforehand so that we can try to organize another room. Everything concerning the content will be clarified on site.