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We’re closed from Dec 12 to Jan 8. The abib will open again on Jan 9.
We wish you happy holidays 🙂

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Di. / Tue.

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Fr. / Fri.

If you want to bring books back but we’re not there you can leave them in our compartment in the AStA office. You can find the opening hours at

If you need advice on certain literature or if you want to suggest books for the library, write us an email to We will try to answer your request as soon as possible.

The abib (AStA library or alternative library) offers you a wide range of literature that can’t be found in other libraries or got lost in mainstream literature. The abib is looking for a way to counteract the disappearance of critical science at the TU. So get your books out and form reading circles!

Our offer includes

  • theory and history of social movements
  • social criticism
  • ideology criticism
  • cultural criticism
  • critique of science and technology
  • philosophy and psychology
  • political theory and practice
  • current political analysis
  • a large (queer) feminist department
  • works concerning anti-fascism
  • critique of the soviet union
  • political movies
  • the archive of the organized students of the TU
  • an archive of left newspapers
  • a selection of children’s books and fiction
  • english left-wing literature

If you are interested in borrowing books, please stop by during our opening hours! If you have a special book request, please write us an email to .

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