International Student Advising

Mi. / Wed.

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Up to September 11th, 2023, face-to-face counseling will take place every Monday and from September 17th, 2023 every Wednesday.

Are you an international student experiencing issues with:

  • Your stay in Germany?
  • Your studies?
  • Your work?
  • A professor or lecturer?
  • The Immigration Office?
  • Your landlord?
  • A legal matter?
  • Other issues?

We are here to help. We do everything in our power to help you with whatever problems you currently have. The International Student Advising team is made up of two students and one lawyer and is available to assist and advise all international students. Unfortunately, we also often have to deal with racist and discriminatory incidents at the University and elsewhere.

How to contact us:

We also have online advising on Thursday between 10:00-12:00, please send an email to make an appointment.

Room TK 112 in the TK Building
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin