1. What exactly is the Semesterticket and what does it cost? The Semesterticket is your personal non-transferable public transportation pass. One side of your student ID is labeled “Semesterticket Berlin ABC”. Beginning summer semester 2015 you must also carry a copy of your current certificate of enrollment and present this during a ticket inspection.
Price overview:
Semester: WS 18/19 | Ticket (€193.80) | TU Social Fund (€0.00) / UdK (€3.80) | Total TU (€193.80) /UdK (€197.60)

2. How long is the Semesterticket valid?
In the summer semester: 31 March to 1 October
In the winter semester: 30 September to 1 April

3. Where can I go with my ticket? Your ticket permits you to ride all trains operated by any transit companies in the VBB within Berlin zones ABC. However, special trains/buses and excursion trains/buses (Sonder- und Ausflugslinien) are excluded. Regional trains and some IC/EC trains (check notices at the train station) are included in the fare zone.

4. What can I bring with me? The Semesterticket permits you to bring children up to the age of 6 free of charge (up to three children when taking the ferry), luggage, one dog, a stroller, and a bike. Otherwise the general conditions of carriage of the transit companies apply.

5. Am I required to pay for the Semesterticket? Yes, the Semesterticket is part of a mandatory fee for all regular enrolled students at TU Berlin. Payment of this fee is a requirement for enrollment and re-registration. In some cases, you may be exempt from paying the Semesterticket fee or you may receive a grant to help pay the fee. Details about the fee, exceptions, and grants are regulated in the Semesterticket Statute passed by the TU Berlin Student Parliament on 4 December 2001, according to Section 18a IV of the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG). The statute can be found in the TU Berlin Official Gazette (AMBl. TU) No. 7/2002 and in that of the Berlin University of the Arts No. 1/2003 p. 9.

6. I have an annual subscription or job ticket for public transportation. Do I have to pay twice? No, you can return the subscription. Once you have received the Semesterticket for the corresponding semester, take it to the ticket office of the transportation company with whom you have a subscription, where you can return your unused monthly tickets and receive a refund for any payments already made. If you have a job ticket, you can present it to the Semesterticket Office and be granted an exemption from paying the Semesterticket fee.

7. I am also studying at another university. Will I also receive a Semesterticket? If you are primarily enrolled at another university, and your enrollment at TU/UdK is secondary, you are not required to pay the fee. You will not receive a Semesterticket from TU/UdK Berlin.

8. Wie bekomme ich das Ticket?

The ticket will be sent to the adress which you need to give to the university.
There are some differences between UDK, ASH and TU:
At TU the ticket is included in the student ID card as a chip.
At ASH and UDK you get a paper document which is your student ID card and your ticket.

9. I always come by bike/car. I don’t need the ticket. Can I be exempt from paying the Semesterticket fee? No, students are only granted an exemption due to health or study-related reasons (see point 12) preventing them from using the ticket. If you do not want to use it, but technically could, you still have to pay the fee. The Semesterticket is offered as a solidarity model. This means that all students contribute to the cost so that the service is considerably cheaper for everyone.

10. I am an exchange student/scholarship holder at TU/UdK Berlin. Will I also receive a Semesterticket? Yes, students who are only enrolled at TU/UdK Berlin for a limited time but are not completing a degree here receive a Semesterticket and, thus, must pay the Semesterticket fee.

11. I do not live in Berlin fare zones ABC, so I can’t even use the ticket. Do I still have to pay for it? Yes, if you live outside the area of validity of the Semesterticket (Berlin ABC), but within the VBB fare area (Berlin and Brandenburg), you have the option of purchasing an additional ticket from DB-Regio. This is called “Zusatzticket zum Semesterticket”.

12. What are the options for receiving an exemption from paying the Semesterticket fee? Students who, pursuant to the Disability Act, are entitled to free transportation and can present the supplementary sheet with the corresponding sticker to the TU Campus Center/UDK IPA, are exempt. Other students wishing to receive an exemption must fulfill one of the other accepted reasons stated in the student body’s contract with the VBB. They must also submit an application for exemption to the Semesterticket Office. The following students are eligible for exemption:

  • Students who cannot or will not use the ticket due to reasons of health
  • Students who will not be in Berlin fare zones ABC for three consecutive months of a semester due to study-related reasons
  • Students enrolled in supplemental, additional, postgraduate, part-time, doctoral, or continuing education studies
  • Students in the possession of a job ticket
  • Students applying for a leave of absence

13. What is the difference between an exemption and a grant? Exemption: If you cannot or do not want to use the ticket and fulfill one of the criteria listed under point 12, you can be exempt from paying the fee. You will receive a student ID that does not have “Semesterticket Berlin ABC” printed on it. This student ID is not valid as a transportation pass. If you meet one of the criteria for exemption, you do not have to pay for the ticket, but this means, of course, that you also cannot use it. Grant: In cases of financial difficulty or particular hardship, it is possible to submit an application for a grant to help pay the Semesterticket fee. Drop by our Semesterticket Office to receive advising for your case. However, be aware that the application for a grant is conducted independent of the re-registration/enrollment procedure. You are required to pay the fee as usual. You will then receive your student ID, which is valid as your Semesterticket. If your application for a grant is approved, you will be reimbursed for the Semesterticket and Social Fund fees you’ve already paid and will continue to be able to use the Semesterticket.

14. When should I submit my application for exemption so that I can pay the re-registration fee without the Semesterticket and Social Fund fees? It is very important that your application for exemption and all necessary additional documents are received in good time. You should submit the application to the Semesterticket Office no later than one month before the re-registration deadline. You should inform yourself early on whether you are eligible for exemption and which documents you will need to provide.

15. What happens if I haven’t paid the Semesterticket fee by the re-registration deadline, because I submitted an application for a grant or exemption and have not yet received a reply? You will not be re-registered. The university will not process your re-registration/enrollment until you have paid all mandatory fees. If requesting a grant, you must first pay the ticket fee without exception. You will be reimbursed if your application is approved.  If you submit your application late (we must receive it at least one month before the re-registration deadline), you should pay the full fee. If you pay the re-registration fee after the deadline, you will be fined. The university does not guarantee that students who re-register after the deadline will receive their Semesterticket/student ID before the start of the new semester. It also does not assume the cost of any tickets purchased before you receive the new Semesterticket. It is better to gather all the necessary information and submit all your documents on time to avoid any stress later on.

16. I live walking distance from the university. Do I still have to pay for the ticket? Yes. Even students who live directly next to the university must pay the Semesterticket fee. However, in this case it is also worth going to the Semesterticket Office to learn about applying for a grant for the fee.

17. I live outside of Berlin fare zones ABC. What do I do? Students studying at Berlin universities who live within the VBB fare area but outside of the Berlin ABC fare zones and can submit corresponding proof can also purchase the additional ticket (Zusatzticket) to the Berlin Semesterticket. Your personal ID with your current address is sufficient proof.  The additional ticket is valid for all transit companies operating between your residence and the first or last train station/bus stop in Berlin zone C (depending on which direction you are traveling) on the standard route or any necessary detour. The additional ticket to the Berlin Semesterticket is only valid in combination with a valid student ID (with integrated transit pass) from a Berlin university. The additional ticket to the Berlin Semesterticket does not permit you to take additional passengers or a bike free of charge. Students who have purchased a subscription or annual ticket from a transit company before acquiring the additional ticket can cancel their subscription or ticket in accordance with the conditions for such tickets.

18. I lost my ticket. What should I do? Go to the Campus Center (or IPA) and report the loss. A new student ID/Semesterticket will be ordered for you. A replacement ID costs €16 (or €10.23).

19. How do I submit an application for a grant or exemption? If you wish to submit an application, you will need an application form. You can find this on our homepage or pick one up in our office.

20. What exactly is the Semesterticket Office and where is it located? The Semesterticket Office is responsible for processing all applications for exemption from the semester fee as well as applications for a grant for the Semesterticket. Our current opening hours are always posted on our website http://asta.tu-berlin.de/semtix. During these times our staff are available both in person and over the phone to answer any questions and advise you.