The General Students' Committee or AStA

The General Students' Committee (the AStA, short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) represents the students of the Technische Universität Berlin. Its first aim is to support students who want to get together and assert their rights against the university administration and other bodies.

Organisational structure

The AStA is the executive organ of the student body and is elected through the student parliament. The student body is financed by the students themselves, who pay the student body contribution (the 'Studierendenschaftsbeitrag') of 9,10 Euro every semester. Because of this financial structure, the AStA can represent the interests of students more independently than for example advisory services financed by the university administration, or party-affiliated organisations.

The AStA of the TU Berlin consists of different collectives, in which staffers, appointed representatives and volunteers work together on a level playing field. These collectives are mostly departments working on certain issues. The departments usually consist of representatives appointed by the Student Parliament and volunteers, but also of the AStA's service collectives. All collectives and volunteers meet and coordinate within the AStA plenary meeting.

Stuctural Departments

Some departments deal with structural matters like the budget or public relations:

Finance Department Public Relations Department Initiatives Coordination

Polictical Departments

Most departments work on political issues:

Higher Education Politcs Department Education Politics Department Social Politics Department

Department for Social and Cultural Criticism Department for Criticism of Science and Technology Department for Ecological Politics

Autonomous departments

Independently elected autonomous departments represent the interests of certain groups:

International students Women's Department Queer Department