Queer Department

Last updated: December 26, 2023

Contact & infos:
Mail: queer@asta.tu-berlin.de (PGP: F0440384)
Telegram Info-Channel: t.me/tubqueer


Every Wednesday at 4.15 pm in the queer department room (first room left when entering the AStA building, you can recognise it through the rainbow flag on the window). Participation online also possible, write us an email! Please wear an FFP2 mask.

Please note: The plenum is not held during the semester break. Send us an email if you need us.

Queer Cafe – Safer space for free gender expression

Every Wednesday from 1 pm to 4 pm In the Flauschraum (ground floor of TK2, AStA building). Sofas, tea, sockets, heating, the toilet is unisex and wheelchair accessible.
Come by to study, read a book, chill or just take a break from the hetero/cisnormative everyday university life!

Soli pot for dgti supplementary cards

You want to get a dgti supplement card, but you don’t have the financial means or you need other support? We can help you! Just send us an email (queer@asta.tu-berlin.de)!
Information about the dgti supplementary pass (unfortunately in german):

How to change your name at TU:

(As of winter semester 2023/2024. For people who only study at TU)

  1. Apply for a dgti supplementary ID card: The dgti supplementary ID card is a standardized ID document that documents all self-chosen personal data (first name, pronoun and gender) and shows a current passport photo. This ID card can be used to change your name at the TU. It costs €19.90 and takes about 3 weeks to complete. The Queer Department can reimburse you for the costs of the Dgti supplementary ID card, just send us an e-mail.
  2. Upload the Dgti supplementary ID card to tuport: First you have to select the category “Request for change of personal data” under “Create request” and submit two separate requests, one for name and one for gender. A photo of the supplementary ID must be uploaded as proof. As soon as the applications have been processed (about 30 minutes), you will receive an email explaining all further steps. After this, the name and gender entry is changed in many systems, for example the display name on Isis, Moses and Tuport and also the name on the matriculation certificate (“Immatrikulationsbescheinigung”). The name on past enrollment certificates will not be changed retroactively. As far as we know, the old name is then deleted from all systems so that it should no longer appear anywhere. The self-chosen name is also used on certificates. In order to receive a new student ID card, an email must be sent to the “Studierendensekretariat” containing all the changed information once again. You can also choose a new picture here. After a few days, the new ID card can be collected free of charge from reception in the main building.
  3. Changing the name in the ZECM: Unfortunately, the name cannot be changed everywhere via tuport. For example, the email address, the user name for Isis and the gitLab user name remain the same. To change this, you have to contact ZECM by first writing an email to them and opening a ticket. From our experience, it is also necessary to contact the IT Service Desk (EN 024) often in person to let them know that the name has still not been changed. After about 2 months and frequent inquiries, you will receive an email explaining all the next steps. When you change the name, you lose access to the old email, the Tubcloud and GitLab, so you should back everything up beforehand. Contact persons at the ZECM are Christopher Ritter or Thomas Gebhardt (we have no experience with them).
  4. Changing the email address at the library: The email address that is stored at the library to manage loans is not updated automatically. You have to contact the Student Secretariat for this. We do not have any information about this process yet, as we do not know of anyone who has been successful. However, it is still possible to borrow items.
  5. If a legal name change is made after the name and gender have already been changed via the dgti supplementary ID card, nothing further needs to be done.

Please note: We do not currently know if it is possible to have a certificate of enrollment issued with the old name in addition to the certificate of enrollment with the new name. We do not know whether a change of name could lead to problems when applying for child benefit or other benefits.

Do you have any questions about changing your name? Have you had other experiences or do you know a trick to make it work better? Please send us an e-mail or DM and we will be happy to include it in the instructions.


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