30 Jan

Free menstrual products at TU

What do we want?Free menstrual products at TU!When do we want this? Now! Key Info On 9.1.2023, the pilot project for free menstrual products has started at the TU Berlin. As part of this, free menstrual products will be available for TU students and staff at selected locations. We will collect feedback and see how […]

30 Jan

Please note!

The semester ticket office is in the process of moving, please understand, delay. From 16.2. you will find us on the Eighth Floor in rooms 8113 – 8114

10 Nov

Social counseling: Higher earnings in family health insurance possible and up to 3,000€ “Inflationsausgleichsprämie”

Higher earnings limit in family health insurance: Due to the increase of the mini-job limit from 450 to 520 EUR, the limit for remaining in the family health insurance of the statutory health insurance funds has accordingly also increased from 450 to 520 EUR. In addition to the mini-job limit, a limit of €470 continues […]

13 Oct

Lottery System at the TU Berlin and Goodwill Arrangement in case of missing re-registration

At the TU Berlin, the lottery system (Losverfahren), i.e. the allocation of remaining study places in undergraduate degree programs, has started. Applications must be received by October 21, 2022. More information can be found on the page clearing procedures and lottery system. Update: The lottery system for master’s degree programs has also started. Here, applications […]

05 Oct

Jin – Jiyan – Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom

Solidarity with the Iranian women’s movement! The statement can also be found in German via the language button and in Farsi below. This Kurdish slogan, which has emerged in Kurdistan years before, is now chanted by thousands of Iranians as a result of the murder of Jina Amini, the Kurdish 22-year-old, became known as Mahsa […]

20 Sep

More Students to Receive BAföG: Information and Critical Response to the 27th BAföG Amending Law 2022

The 27th BAföG amending law took effect on 21 July 2022. What impacts does this have for BAföG recipients and students who were previously ineligible for BAföG? Introduction: Despite some positive amendments, the BAföG reform remains a drop in the ocean. According to a study conducted by the Paritätische social welfare organization published in May […]

01 Sep

We remember the victims of German fascism in the Second World War

83 years ago today, on 1st of September 1939, the Second World War began with the German invasion of Poland. We remember all those who were persecuted, tortured and murdered by the German war of extermination. Since 2020 the Polish soldiers who fought together with the Red Army against German fascism on the area, which […]