30 Oct

Newsletter with information about BAföG, Bürgergeld, heating costs, semester ticket & more – AStA BAföG and Social Counseling WiSe 23/24

Dear fellow students, We welcome you to our new newsletter from the AStA TU BAföG and Social Counseling in the winter semester 2023/24! We provide solidarity-based and biased advice to students on issues related to student financing and more. In our new newsletter, we want to inform you about news and changes related to AStA counseling topics in a […]

27 Sep

Ticket for the Winter Semester 2023/24

Table of contents: What is the current status? The TU Berlin student parliament decided on 8 June 2023 not to extend the semester ticket at the current conditions, as the offer of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg (VBB) does not justify a solidarity model. Solidarity model means that all students must pay for a ticket regardless […]

27 Sep

Until October 2, 2023 | Applying for the 200-euro one-off payment for students (Einmalzahlung 200, Energiepauschale)

Many students have not yet applied for the 200-euro one-off payment for students (Einmalzahlung 200, Energiepauschale). The reason often given is that the application process was too time-consuming or simply not possible. On March 15, 2023, the TU Berlin sent PINs to all eligible students, which make it much easier to apply for 200-euro one-off […]

14 Jun

How do I get the 9-Euro-Sozialticket as a student? [HOW TO]

You are eligible for the 9-Euro-Sozialticket (Berlin AB) if you receive social benefits such as housing allowance (Wohngeld), citizen´s benefit (Bürgergeld), basic income or benefits according to the Asylbewerberleitungsgesetz. Unfortunately, students who receive BAföG are not included, we as AStA demand from the politicians to change this as soon as possible! Most often, students are […]

12 Jun

End of the Semesterticket

Information on ticket options and new information can be found here:https://asta.tu-berlin.de/en/artikel-englisch/ticket-for-the-winter-semester-2023-24/ As of the winter semester 2023/24, there will no longer be a semester ticket. This was decided by the student parliament (StuPa) in its meeting last Thursday, 08.06.23.  The reason for this is the failed negotiations with the VBB. Already in the past semesters, […]

20 Apr

“Bürgerhartz” Application for Heating and Additional Costs Refunds for Part-Time Students and some Others!

All students who are not studying full-time (i.e., if you are studying part-time, on a leave of absence (Urlaubssemester), or not studying at all) are advised to apply for a “Bürgerhartz” application if you receive a refund for heating and/or additional costs from your landlord! If you submit a “Bürgerhartz” application in the month of […]

17 Apr

In Solidarity with the Activists: Gender-Appropriate Toilets are a Necessary Measure for Inclusivity and Diversity

At the start of the semester, activists replaced the binary toilet signs with “FLINTA*” (women, lesbians, inter*, nonbinary, trans* and agender) and “All Gender” signs. In times of rising transphobia and transmisogyny it becomes ever more necessary to provide protective spaces for people of all gender identities. Binary restrooms force trans*, inter* and nonbinary to […]

22 Mar

Tips and criticism: The €200 energy cost flat rate for students is a sad joke – nevertheless, you can apply for it

++++UPDATE 3/15/2023: The TU Berlin has sent all TU students their access code by mail. How to get the payment you can read below++++ The €200 energy cost flat rate (Energiepreispauschale) for students and technical college students, decided by the federal government in September 2022 (!), is finally supposed to be paid out! However, the […]