22 Dec

A German-wide semester ticket for the summer semester 2024? – it’s up to you now!

After one semester without a semester ticket there is a chance to finally get a German-wide semester ticket!

But, first things first: At the end of November, the federal and state governments gave their official political vote for a German-wide semester ticket based on the full-solidarity model. Unfortunately, this decision came way too late for proper contract negotiations. But we are doing everything we can to make it happen!

After months of fighting for a fair semester ticket for students, politicians have given the green light for a German-wide semester ticket. Here you can find some critical points on the whole process we have communicated so far: https://ticket.astatu.berlin/en/

We have received a preliminary announced offer for the semester ticket, which is due to be launched in the summer semester 2024. The contract is currently undergoing a legal examination and, according to our lawyer, is not legally valid in many points. We are currently in the process of negotiating the details with the VBB.

Currently, the ticket is priced at €29.40 per month/€176.40 per semester in the full-solidarity model. Unfortunatly it will no longer be possible to take your bicycles for Berlin-ABC in the summer semester, because the VBB  has rejected this! We are doing everything for including  your bicycle in the ticket without any additional costs.

We, the AStA and student parliament of TU Berlin, welcome the opportunity to rejoin the semester ticket in the full-solidarity model after we were not able to sign the contract due to legal reasons in the past. 

However, there is still a lot to do and we will work hard in the next weeks to make the new semester ticket possible.

For that we need your help!

We are currently preparing a survey on the semester ticket, which will take place in the second half of January 2024. The details of the survey and the semester ticket will follow in the coming days/weeks. You can find them at https://ticket.astatu.berlin/en/ and on our social media channels. 

It is essential that the majority of TU students will vote in favour for the ticket in the survey! In addition, at least 10% of the all students at the TU must vote in favor, otherwise the survey won’t count.

So be sure to share the information with your fellow students.

We call on all TU Berlin students to actively participate in the semester ticket survey in January 2024!

Because without the necessary votes for the Germany-wide semester ticket in the survey in January, there will be no semester ticket in the summer semester 2024!

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