29 Feb

March 8th demonstration „feminism unlimited“

We want to call on you to demonstrate on March 8 and share the call of the feminist demonstration “feminism unlimited” here:

„Feminism Unlimited – For universal feminist solidarity. Against selective feminism.

Join us for the „feminism unlimited“ demonstration! March 8th, 3 pm, Helsingforser Platz, S Warschauer Str.

We are a new alliance that has come together for a (queer) feminist day of protest without anti-Semitism, racism and trans hostility. Take to the streets with us on the 8th of March! Against selective feminism – universal feminist solidarity now!

While a man commits femicide every third day in Germany, women’s shelters are underfunded, overcrowded and regularly have to turn away people seeking protection. Section 218 still makes abortion a criminal offence. In addition, the German Minister of Justice (FDP) is actively blocking the common definition of „rape“ at EU level. Women continue to earn 18 per cent less than men and single parents continue to be pushed into poverty. Women and queer people in Afghanistan, Iran as well as Yazidis and Kurds are still waiting for the announced “feminist foreign policy”.
In addition, the current German government prefers rainbow-coloured symbolic politics instead of passing a self-determination law that guarantees gender autonomy without discrimination and equal rights for everyone, including trans*, inter* and non-binary people.

Bourgeois conservative media, conspiracy-mongers, Christian fundamentalists and right-wing radicals are united in a culture war that has declared trans women to be the greatest threat to humanity. Anti-queer violence has been on the rise in recent years. But instead of standing side by side in solidarity, there are self-proclaimed „feminists“ who spread anti-trans propaganda together with reactionary forces.
Anti-feminism is part of the AfD’s basic programme and fascist groups such as the Junge Alternative or the Identitarian Movement use their propaganda to specifically feed misogynistic resentment and promise offended men „remasculation“ and patriarchal supremacy. Young men increasingly identify politically as right-wing and glorify masculinism and misogyny. FLINTA* (Women, Lesbian, Inter*, Nonbinary, Transgender and Agender people) who are, for example, disabled, BIPoC, poor, fat, single parents, sex workers, Jewish, Muslim, homeless and/or chronically ill are particularly defenceless in the face of this violence and structural discrimination. In addition, around a fifth of Germans vote for an extreme right-wing party that is planning ethnic cleansing and the deportation of millions of people at secret meetings with neo-Nazis and members of the conservative CDU. Putin and his patriarchal queer-hostile regime are waging an imperialist war of aggression against Ukraine.

So, unfortunately, it remains necessary to take our protest to the streets to fight against the global structural oppression of women, queers and all those who move outside the endo-cis-heteronormative patriarchal gender order.

Unfortunately, however, left-wing responses to these global crises are being articulated in an increasingly authoritarian manner: Stalinist, Maoist and Trotskyist groups are recruiting young leftists across Germany and provide shortcut answers as simple and quick solutions to complex problems. Gender relations are seen here as an annoying secondary contradiction that has no place in the authoritarian dogmas of these groups.

However, we want universal feminist solidarity that takes all forms of discrimination seriously and stands up against them! We see ourselves as (queer) feminist, critical of anti-Semitism, racism and Islamism, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist. From this perspective, we are bitterly disappointed by large sections of self-proclaimed „leftists“ and „feminists“. Because: this universal claim is not a consensus here – especially when it comes to Jews.

Since the anti-Semitic massacre on October the 7th, authoritarian and anti-Semitic tendencies have escalated in supposedly progressive circles. Structural anti-Semitism and hatred of the Jewish state of Israel are unfortunately nothing new within the left – but the extent to which open hatred of Jews is currently on display has reached a new dimension: self-proclaimed feminists and communists are trivialising the Hamas massacre or even celebrating it as an act of legitimate resistance. They not only question the numerous reports of sexualised violence, but also demand „proof“ from victims of sexualised violence, although they otherwise shout „believe the women“. We might expect the statements of victims of sexualised violence to be dismissed as vile lies from people like Johnny Depp fans – but not from feminist activists who have been organising the internationalist 8th of March demonstration in Berlin for years. This is anti-feminist conspiracy thinking and a fundamental rejection of a liberated society. The necessary solidarity with the civilian population of Gaza, which is facing an unimaginable humanitarian catastrophe, does not need this anti-Semitism in any way.

We are appalled that parts of the radical and feminist left do not want to be able to understand Islamism for what it is: a fascist, anti-modernist, patriarchal and imperialist ideology that is fundamentally opposed to any emancipatory criticism. To downplay or even glorify it is a rejection of solidarity not only with Jews, but also with all the people suffering under Islamist violence: Kurds, Yazidis, Afghans, Iranians and all Muslims who do not want to submit to rigid fundamentalist values. We are also deeply disappointed by the fact that so many leftists just pay attention to suffering in the MENA-region when they can blame Israel, yet stay completely silent about the genocide committed in Sudan at the moment. They are silent about the brutal misogynistic violence perpetrated by the Islamic terror group Boko Haram, and they celebrate the Islamic, anti-Semitic Houthi militia because they attack Israeli ships.
At the same time, we are observing how politics and large parts of the media landscape are placing Muslim/Arab people under general suspicion. We oppose the deportation, exclusion, state repression and stigmatisation of individual population groups and reject them as racist rhetoric and practices! These are not practices against anti-Semitism and Islamism, they merely instrumentalise the concerns of those affected by anti-Semitism and Islamism to enforce racist policies.

As a post-Nazi state, Germany is once again giving free rein to its racism and at the same time does not want to be deprived of economic and political cooperation with Iran and Turkey. However, Germany likes to blame others for its anti-Semitism. But it is impossible to understand anti-Semitism in Germany without the German ideology that gave rise to National Socialism and the industrialised mass extermination of Jews. Even in the year 2024, Germany still refuses to fully account for its past, which therefore still shapes the present. Anti-Semitism is a problem for the German society as a whole, it is not an immigrant problem!

Unfortunately, we see that many leftists and (queer) feminists are unwilling to accept these contradictions and simultaneities. Instead, more and more are relying on simplified friend-foe schemes: many actively refuse to even want to understand antisemitism in its entirety and to deal with their own prejudices and double standards. But we see self-criticism, the courage to face uncertainty and the desire to learn as the basis for fighting together for a good life for all.

A left that does not fight for a liberated society for all is not our left.
A feminism that selects and instrumentalises is not real feminism.
That’s why we want a different 8 March.
Let’s take to the streets for universal feminist solidarity!

– Further information –

The demonstration is open to people of all genders. The first rows are reserved for FLINTA*. We do not tolerate any trans-hostile posters, flyers or statements at the demonstration!

Barriers: We are working on making the demonstration as barrier-free as possible and will provide further information in this regard. Versions of the demo call in other and simpler language(s) are also being prepared. If you have any questions or comments in advance, please feel free to send us a (voice) message or an e-mail to feminism.unlimited@systemli.org.

Safety: We are aware that it is a question of safety, especially for Jews, to take part in events critical of anti-Semitism and/or to show themselves as recognisably Jewish. A protection group trained for such events will be present at the demonstration. An awareness team and paramedics will also be on site.

National flags: We understand that people want to express their solidarity with areas affected by anti-Semitism and Islamism by carrying national flags. However, as this is a feminist demonstration, we would appreciate it if you could leave all national flags at home. Same goes for flag of political parties.

More information here: https://feminism-unlimited.org/english/