28 Feb

FAQ and criticism: The €200 energy cost flat rate for students is a sad joke – nevertheless, you can apply for it

++++UPDATE 3/15/2023: The TU Berlin has sent all TU students their access code by mail. How to get the payment you can read below++++ The €200 energy cost flat rate (Energiepreispauschale) for students and technical college students, decided by the federal government in September 2022 (!), is finally supposed to be paid out! However, the […]

10 Nov

Social counseling: Higher earnings in family health insurance possible and up to 3,000€ “Inflationsausgleichsprämie”

Higher earnings limit in family health insurance: Due to the increase of the mini-job limit from 450 to 520 EUR, the limit for remaining in the family health insurance of the statutory health insurance funds has accordingly also increased from 450 to 520 EUR. In addition to the mini-job limit, a limit of €470 continues […]

20 Sep

More Students to Receive BAföG: Information and Critical Response to the 27th BAföG Amending Law 2022

The 27th BAföG amending law took effect on 21 July 2022. What impacts does this have for BAföG recipients and students who were previously ineligible for BAföG? Introduction: Despite some positive amendments, the BAföG reform remains a drop in the ocean. According to a study conducted by the Paritätische social welfare organization published in May […]

24 Aug

Higher Utility and Heating Costs Expected in Winter 22/23. Information and tips about available aid

Many people are worrying about the increasing cost of energy, huge inflation, and their general financial situation. We want to provide information about governmental financial assistance you can take advantage of to combat higher costs. However, we would like to make clear that we do not believe this aid is an appropriate or sufficient response. […]

27 Jul

Delays in refund regarding the 9-Euro-Ticket

If you were not exempt from the semester ticket in the months of June to August, you are entitled to a refund of 69.9 euros! The university administration has taken on the task of programming a module in the TUB portal for this purpose. Unfortunately, the software developers are not yet further along with it, […]

22 Jul

Information for Student Refugees from Ukraine

+++Ukrainian and Russian translation +++ Below is an overview of useful information for all refugees from Ukraine. Whether you are a refugee or helping refugees from Ukraine get settled in Germany, you will find comprehensive information about the following issues: Important legal foundations, Guidelines regarding entitlement to social benefits and Admission requirements at German universities.While […]