Evaluates new statues of the Technische Universität
Decides on the budget
Comments of the Higher Education Treaty
Comments on the planning for university development and acquisition
Passes the fee statues
Elects the head of the administration
Proposes candidates for the presidency (together with the Academic Senate)

Some facts

4 representatives of the TU (1/1/1/1), elected by their respective status groups
the Senator for Education
6 members of the public (e.g. representatives of unions and employer federations), elected by the academic senate

The election takes place in June in even years.

Website: http://www.tu-berlin.de/asv/menue/gremien/kuratorium

The old Board of Trustees

The new structure, with the reformed board of trustees, is still 'in a trial phase'. Therefore, the old board of trustees is not abolished, only presently inactive, and still has to be elected for formal reasons.

Some Facts:

8 members of the TU (2/2/2/2)
1 Senator for Education
4 members of the House of Representatives of Berlin
2 representatives of the federation of employers
2 representatives of trade unions
1 person representing womens' and ecological interests

The election takes place in January in uneven years.
Members of the TU are elected through their respective status groups.
Non-university board members are elected by the Academic Senate.
Members of the Berlin House of Representatives are chosen by their fellow representatives for one legislative period.


Main Committee
Composition 1/1/1/1 plus the senate members of the Board of Trustees

Staff Committee
Senator for Education, the head of the administration and the two vice presidents of the university

A brief comment - despite the supposedly democratic character of all this, professors hold the majority in almost all university structures by design!