Finance Department

Finance plenums are once again being held. However, you must sign up for a time slot. The next appointments are offered on 13 July.

To sign up for an appointment, go to:

Office hours:

There will be opening hours again, beginning tuesday the 7th of July. Please note the following:

  • we can only allow one (max. 2) person in to the AStA at a time. you might need to wait outside
  • wash and desinfect your hands when entering and leaving the AStA
  • bring a face mask that covers mouth and nose

Mo. / Mon.

Di. / Tue.

Mi. / Wed.

Do. / Thu.

Fr. / Fri.

Please come early during opening hours if you have a lot of bills to settle.

What are our responsibilities?

First and foremost, we may be called the Finance Department but we do NOT hand out cash. So it is not worth coming to us with any personal requests for money. We only process the resolutions of the AStA finance plenums. The Finance Department is essentially AStA’s accounting department. We

  • process funding requests and
  • open payments
  • create the budget of the student representative body
  • serve as the personnel office for AStA employees

We implement resolutions made by the AStA plenum.

How do I submit a funding request?

You can apply for stipends for projects and Ini trips (representative committee trips). Please fill out a funding application and submit it in person to the AStA office during opening hours. We will not accept any requests submitted by email. Requests are only considered if they are submitted at least one week before the respective plenum or are expressly supported by an AStA department by the funding start date. We do not answer any questions via email and ask that you respect this. The application is available in German and English:

Your request will be discussed in the AStA plenum. In order for AStA members to read and decide on your request, it must be received one week before the finance plenum. Requests submitted later than this will only be considered if they have the express support of another AStA department. If your request exceeds EUR 200, you must personally appear at the finance plenum to answer any necessary questions. If you would prefer to speak a language other than German at the plenum, please indicate this in your request – we will do our best to arrange for an interpreter. Generally you are informed of our decision within one week of the plenum. You will receive the funds after you have submitted all receipts together with the funding decision and reimbursement request. We will then transfer the funds to your account. Advance or cash payments are not possible.

Additionally, we are able to offer material support for many projects through the use of our technology and equipment library.

How can I request compensation for care costs during long meetings?

Many meetings held by student government organizations (e.g. student parliament meetings, AStA plenums) run longer than scheduled. Should this happen, you can request reimbursement of costs incurred (for relatives in need of care and children under 14 years). To be reimbursed (EUR 7.50/hour), please bring your certificate of enrollment and an official statement confirming the individual’s need for care or your child’s birth certificate. You must bring these to the Finance Department during opening hours.


The Finance Department is located in room TK 109 on the first floor of the TK2 building. It is accessible by elevator.

Mailing address

For financial requests:
AStA der TU Berlin
Sekr. TK 2
Straße des 17 Juni 135
10623 Berlin

All other mail:
AStA der TU Berlin
Sekr. TK 2
Straße des 17 Juni 135
10623 Berlin

Email: finanzreferat [at]

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