27 Jul

Delays in refund regarding the 9-Euro-Ticket

If you were not exempt from the semester ticket in the months of June to August, you are entitled to a refund of 69.9 euros! The university administration has taken on the task of programming a module in the TUB portal for this purpose. Unfortunately, the software developers are not yet further along with it, so that we cannot tell you exactly how you will get your money back. This is very annoying because the 9-Euro-Ticket was passed by the federal government for the summer as a relief measure for citizens and TU students still do not benefit from it. We as AStA of the TU criticize the university for this and continue to campaign for the money to be paid out as soon as possible! If you wonder how you get 69.9 euros, it can be explained as follows:

The semester ticket costs 193.80 EUR for one semester, six months for the summer semester (without a subsidy from the Senate). Most of you have already paid this amount in advance with your re-registration for the summer semester 2022 for six months. The monthly price is therefore 32.3 EUR.

From this, 9 euros per month must now be deducted in each case, because the price for a monthly ticket is now reduced to this amount for the months of June, July and August. 32.3 – 9.00 = 23.3 EUR – refund per month. Looking at three months, this results in: 23.3 * 3= 69.9 EUR – reimbursement for three months. In Berlin, this results in a refund of 69.9 EUR if you were enrolled in a university in Berlin in the months of June, July and August and paid for your semester ticket. (Social fund, exemptions due to severe disability, vacation semesters, semesters abroad, etc. are explicitly excluded from this).