Social Policy Department

Representative: Enrico

The Social Policy Department is dedicated to students’ social concerns, that is everyday and perhaps not so everyday problems students face:

  • Housing and living in Berlin are much too expensive, right?
  • Study financing (BAföG, student employment, emergency aid, etc.)
  • Health insurance
  • Social inequality on campus
  • Etc.

As your representatives, we aim to work with other student advisory services, AStA departments, and representatives of other universities to ensure that students can fully focus on their studies without being negatively impacted by such problems as those named above. We represent and work on these social issues at state and federal level with the aim of finding long-term, sustainable solutions.

We also provide support to others dedicated to these issues. If you are planning a cool campaign or feel we should address a specific social issue or expand our current work, please contact us.


You can reach us at: