Social Policy Department

Representatives: Öykü, Josh & Paul

You can reach us at:

What are we doing?

The Social Policy Department politically advocates for students in social policy matters, meaning the seemingly everyday problems that students have to deal with. We are partisan on the side of the students: against the university, the Studierendenwerk Berlin, the Berlin government, and the federal government!

Topics we deal with include:

  • Housing policy (e.g. as the AStA, we support the campaign Deutsche Wohnen & Co. enteignen). We welcome inquiries and suggestions, so please feel free to contact us if you want to network with us!
  • We advocate for a life and study with dignity! (Topics include e.g. BAföG, housing allowance, unemployment benefit II, student employment, emergency aid, etc.)
  • Combatting social inequality, exploitation, and capitalism – whether on campus, in student employment, or elsewhere!
  • Fair wages and working conditions for all (e.g. we support the work struggle of student employees in Berlin. More information e.g. here: and much more!

As department heads, we want to be in exchange with the AStA advice centers, other departments, and also representatives of other universities, to ensure that as students, you can shape your life and study politically and freely, without merely having to think about how to get by. We also bring these social issues to the table at the state and federal levels in order to find lasting and sustainable solutions.

Of course, we also want to support people who are also committed to these issues. If you are planning a cool action or think that a certain social policy issue should be addressed or further addressed, you can of course also contact us.

We recommend that all students network and exchange with their fellow students and colleagues – if you feel exploited or treated unfairly (or your colleagues), organize and act against it! If it comes to wage labor, membership in a Gewerkschaft (labor union) can also be very important. Or for rental questions, membership in a Mieter*inneverein (tenant association).

Further departments and advice centers

If you have questions about your individual study financing, book an appointment at the Social and BAföG Advising and check first the FAQ – Financing Your Studies (BAföG, Housing Allowance, “Bürgerhartz” & Co.) or for questions about grants or exemption from the semester ticket at the Semesterticket Office at the AStA!

There is also the International Student Advising, a university and the University and academic advising and the Students @ Work advisory service, which provides advice on labor and social law.

In addition, there are autonomous AStA departments that advocate for the interests of marginalized groups and empower each other: the Women’s Department, the B*PoC Department, the Queer Department and the International Student Department.