Here you can find our upload-tool with which you can upload files and proofs for your applications.
We created the tool so that you can send us your files easily and securely.
Many of you have sent us your files via e-mail. We advise against this due to the poor privacy protection of unencrypted e-mails.

If you received an e-mail from us with a pdf, in which we ask you for your current address and bank information, you can find the link to that upload tool a little further down this page

Update 19th of April 2022: We had originally planned to sign the PDFs in the contact info request mails with PGP and wrote about it somewhere. This unfortunately didn’t work out for the moment in time, if you want to verify that the e-mail you received is really from us give us a call. Otherwise you can find the PDF and Signature Files on the bottom of this page.

Addressrequest PDF and Signature Files