12 Jul

FAQ strike consequences


Dear students of the TU Berlin, dear colleagues and all parties involved in the strike,

After the current actions and reactions, we know that increasing anger and incomprehension, but above all insecurity has spread among the students.
What will happen if the strike continues? Will I be able to pass my exams? What about my BAföG?
The university management offers no advice, information or assistance and leaves the students on their own with their insecurities about the conclusion of this semester and the effects of the strike!

Therefore, we, students and SHKs of the TU Berlin together with the student advising of the AStA TU and their lawyer for university law, have compiled a detailed FAQ with all relevant questions for you (see attachment above). You will find an answer for hopefully every question of yours and will also be able to refer to the answers given there.
Also, you students have elected a delegation at the general assembly on 20.06.18, which now is working hard to implement your rights across all study programs. This delegation will negotiate with the examination boards and the TU management.
Until then you have to show some patience – we count on your cooperation! You students have to increase the pressure so that our negotiations succeed faster. Organize yourselves, document cancellations and closures, write complaints to the examination boards, the presidium and your professors!
Read the FAQ to understand the motives of the strikers and get to know your rights. We won’t let you down!
Solidarity greetings
Luise, Sergej and Patrice (students and SHKs of the TU Berlin)
Rieke and Lion (from the university and student advisory service of the AStA of the TU Berlin)