Whether advising, office work, the finance department, semester ticket office, technology pool, library, or system administration, TU Berlin’s student self-administration is almost entirely run by students. They work in a cooperative structure based on common interests and mutual respect.

Ordinarily, we advertise positions with 40 hours per month for two years at EUR 12.50 per hour; this is comparable to the collective wage agreement for student assistants. We organize our work in such a way so that jobs in the AStA can be balanced with your studies, other political involvement, and family/personal life.

  • Job Announcement Maschinenraum (IT)
    We are looking for a Student as Server and System Admin for the The General Student’s Committee (AStA) of the Technical University Berlin from the 1. December 2023 What does the job entail?  Together with two other persons, you will be in charge of the computer infrastructure of the General Student Committee of the TU Berlin. […]