Initiative Coordination

Representatives: Alina, Levi and Kenne

The department is responsible for coordinating and networking student groups at TU Berlin. You can find a comprehensive and up-to-date list of these groups here:


  • TU internal mail Sekr. TK 2, c/o AStA
  • Email: iniko[at]
  • Upon request, we will send you a list of all representative committees and cafés.

Inis as student groups

TU Berlin representative committees, or INIs, are made up of dedicated students who are actively committed to the needs and concerns of their fellow students. Their work is unpaid and ranges from organizing new student events and semester trips to managing regular events or a student café through to representing student interests in university-political committees of academic self-administration (e.g. institute or faculty board). Particularly in matters of academic self-administration, INIs are your first point of contact if you are experiencing significant problems with instructors, University administration, or with conflicting compulsory courses that you are unable to resolve by speaking with the person in question. However, even if you do not have any problems, the INIs offer an opportunity to meet other students in your degree program, offer help with homework, and preparation for exams, as well as an oasis for an independent, quiet life in the hectic TU world.

INIs live off initiative – your initiative!

With just a little effort, you too can do a great deal for the students in your degree program and faculty: For instance you can take on smaller or bigger tasks in the organization of new student events, help out at regular events, or just keep the INI rooms open during a free lecture hour as a contact person and offer advice and a shoulder to lean on.

And you get a lot in return.

In addition to your fellow students’ gratitude and the feeling of having done something positive in this dreary old world, you will find friendship and make acquaintances in all student groups. You experience the University from a different perspective and recognize how you can actively contribute to and help shape it. Talking with other students outside of class helps you learn a lot about those around you as well as yourself. Being involved in an “INI” enables you to acquire soft skills which you may not otherwise have time for in your tight study schedule.

Do you want to get involved? Use the list above to find out which INI is responsible for your degree program or which group or café interests you otherwise. The list includes a link to the respective website with more contact information.