Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit

Environmental Policy

The Department of Environment and Sustainability (UNa-Ref for short) focuses on re-shaping processes within and outside the University to take socio-ecological factors into account. We aim to serve as a point of contact for activists at the University and throughout Berlin to drive current projects forward together. We also aim to connect existing groups and initiatives beyond the region and support them in their efforts. By planning and implementing campaigns and projects together, we are able to motivate more students to get involved in sustainability and environmental protection. Additionally, we pursue an independent educational mission. We wish to inform students about current events and situations in environmental policy as well as provide information about the background to such issues.

Our specific objectives

  • Strengthening active networks and initiatives
  • Participation in current sustainability dialog and shaping TU Berlin’s mission statement
  • Transformation of the University to contribute to a sustainable society
  • Sensitization for environmental policy issues, such as green consumerism

Topic areas

Environment and sustainability form a fairly expansive and wide-ranging topic and encompass many different individual issues. We focus on a number of topics, including

  • Sustainable university
  • Sustainable campus
  • Environmental policy
  • Global responsibility
  • Urban life and nature

You can find current information about our work and other topics on our blog. We are also open to other ideas and look forward to welcoming new members and initiatives. We recommend taking a look at our AStA library for basic information and theory resources. The library has numerous resources on a variety of topics such as theory and practice of ecology, DIY energy transition, history of the environmental movement, critiques of economic-political relations, and much more.


Umweltreferat AStA TU Berlin Sekr. TK 2 Straße des 17. Juni 135 D-10623 Berlin
Email: umwelt[ätt] Facebook: Umwelt-Referat AStA TU Berlin 

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