16 Mar

University and Study Counseling: Changes and Notices due to COVID19 – we continue counseling! Only in a different form

Dear students, 

we also have to comply with the necessary restrictions around the corona virus. There is an exceptional situation for all of us and new information is added daily.
We from the AStA want to do everything necessary to protect us and you and to be able to contain or prevent a further spread of the virus if possible. Therefore, important changes for the university and student advisory service apply with immediate effect:

1. Until further notice, there will be NO normal consultation hours in person at the AStA. Instead, we offer 2 times per week 4 hours of consultation via telephone and e-mail.  Due to delays, the counselling will not take place by phone but via. Internet telephony. You will need a microphone. If you are not able to communicate, please send us an e-mail.

Wednesday: 4 pm – 8 pm mainly via mail 
also via internet telephone/Jitsi (telephone conference tool)
business cellphone 
017645808437 (for emergency)
Thursday1 pm – 5 pmmainly via mail
also via internet telephone/Jitsi (telephone conference tool)
business cellphone
017645808437 (for emergency)

The telephone conference tool Jitsi works via the browser, you don’t need an extra application. It is enough to unlock your microphone, no camera is necessary. 
The business mobile phones are for emergencies and people who do not have Internet access or similar. We would like to continue using Jitsi as our main tool to advise you as a team of two, just as we have always done in the past. If you want to call us, please send us an email and we will call you back or make an appointment.

Please note: We can’t give you any specific legal information over the phone or e-mail. Our consultations are based on experience without guarantee! For legal advice see next point. All other topics we can handle with you as usual. 

We have published comprehensive information on all examination and higher education law topics in German and English. You can find it here: https://asta.tu-berlin.de/aktuelles/auswirkungen-corona-auf-euer-studium. Please read them first before you contact us. We hope to be able to answer many questions about Corona and TU Berlin and to alleviate your worries and fears. Please read it first before you contact us. We hope to be able to answer many questions about Corona and TU Berlin and to alleviate your worries and fears. 

2. the lawyer’s office hours will continue to take place every two weeks on Wednesdays by telephone! 

The lawyer’s office hours will take place from 16 – 19 o’clock. We assign fixed appointments every 30 minutes.
In order to get an appointment, you MUST send us an email beforehand (if necessary you can also call us)! We will explain the procedure, how it will take place on the phone with the lawyer. 
During the Wednesdays, when a lawyer’s consultation hour takes place, there is NO normal consultation hour on the phone, but only by mail
(Those without an appointment with a lawyer who want to make a phone call must switch to Thursday). 

Consultationappointment with the lawyer are made ONLY by telephone! We will explain everything in advance by mail/telephone when the appointment is made. Each person then gets his 30 minutes slot on the phone. For this we need the full name and phone number where the lawyer can reach you. He will then call you at the time you booked with us. 
It is important that you scan and send us the necessary documents during the preliminary talk, so that we can send them to the lawyer together with your contact details and he can prepare himself. 

IMPORTANT: Only together with the lawyer we can give safe legal information. If you have a court-related matter with important deadlines, use this consultation form. For everything else, please use the normal consultation via mail or telephone, so that we can minimize personal contacts as much as possible. We are currently unable to advise people who simply come by without having contacted us by email or phone. This is too uncertain for you and us. In general, we would like all consultations to take place via mail or phone from now on.
Please cancel your appointment in time if you can’t. There are enough people who are interested in the few appointments and so we can insert someone else.

We try to keep up the consultations in the almost complete temporal extent. Unfortunately, we need these extensive restrictions in order not to actively worsen the current state of emergency. #flattenthecurve #staythefuckhome #solidarity #socialdistance
We rely on your understanding and cooperation to keep us and you healthy and still get all the necessary information, even if it is a bit more complicated than usual.

Tips for hygiene measures and other necessary evils, if a personal conversation is absolutely necessary:

1. please be there at least 5 minutes before your appointment
2. thorough hand washing is required when entering and leaving the AStA
3. wash your hands separately BEFORE and AFTER your appointment, especially if you have had a cup of coffee or similar while waiting 
4. we also wash our hands before and after each appointment and disinfect the table, for example, so there may be a small delay
5. if there are several people in the waiting room by chance, a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be observed
6. a distance of 1.5 m must be kept between all parties during the consultation
7. please bring your documents individually wrapped in foil, so that we can wipe them off with disinfectant if necessary before we touch them all (plastic sucks but unfortunately there is no other way)
8. nothing is touched by everyone at the same time if it cannot be prevented (no shaking hands, sharing mobile phone screens, computer keyboards, etc.)
9. those who feel ill, belong to the risk group or have other reasons, stay at home! A telephone consultation with the lawyer has the same quality as on site, it is just a little unusual.
10. unfortunately we have to keep minutes of personal consultations (full name, address, contact details). We usually never do this, but now it is obligatory because of a possible chain of infection. If everything is over, we destroy this data immediately without detours. 

–> These tips are only valid for emergencies, but you should always follow most of them when dealing with other people.

Be careful, don’t hoard toilet paper, think about your fellow men and contact us if you have any questions. 

With disinfected, but by no means quarantined greetings
your university advisory collective