05 May

Solidarity Against Police Violence & Violent Gentrification – from Berlin to Minneapolis!

We have followed the reports of Duante Wright´s murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police department with sadness and rage. Once again police have managed to turn a racist stop into a racist murder against the black community of Minneapolis. The police couldn´t control their racist & murderous urges even in the midst of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the monster who murdered George Floyd in front of the entire world.

Once again, police forces world wide attack the innocent in a show of brute force, protecting their monopoly on violence in defence of capital. Here in Berlin, police pose a threat to all the marginalized communities when they enforce gentrification through racist passport controls in our public parks. Racism has a system and violent capitalist gentrification is central to it. This method of controlling targets and criminalizing all people of color is as systemic of racism as the weekly deportations to warzones like Afghanistan which the police violently defend. 

Last week Qosay Khalaf an Iraqi refugee fleeing death & violence met exactly that at the hands of German Police simply because he was sitting on a bench smoking with a friend. He was just 19! Every day we are bombarded with reports that another person without the privilege of being seen as white loses their life & the police responsible for these murders get away without serious consequence.

The reasons given by the police for using force are entirely irrelevant- NOTHING excuses the excessive violence that leads to murder day in & day out. Since police have ultimate power to be judge, jury, and executioner during a patrol, we all could be next. We all know friends, students and colleagues who have been subject to this violence simply because of the color of their skin.

In a world where capital and property are more important than human life, it is impossible to live a normal student life especially because the group which is tasked with serving the people, the police, do nothing of the sort and commit the racism they claim to protect against. Our apartments and cultural centers are subject to police patrol and violent evictions.

Enough! We will continue to organize against capital to retake the city, our studies, and our lives! Against all forms of racist police violence! The answer remains solidarity from Berlin to Minneapolis!