10 Nov

Social counseling: Higher earnings in family health insurance possible and up to 3,000€ “Inflationsausgleichsprämie”

Higher earnings limit in family health insurance:

Due to the increase of the mini-job limit from 450 to 520 EUR, the limit for remaining in the family health insurance of the statutory health insurance funds has accordingly also increased from 450 to 520 EUR. In addition to the mini-job limit, a limit of €470 continues to apply in the case of a non-minor employment relationship. By increasing the “Werbungskostenpauschale” from 1,000€ per year to now 1,200€ per year, an earnings of 470 + 100, so a total of 570 EUR is possible. In summary, you can earn up to 570€ a month without dropping out of the family health insurance! Sometimes you have to do the math for your health insurance, because they hide the lump sum for income-related expenses. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Up to 3.000€ “Inflationsausgleichsprämie” (inflation compensation premium) remains free of charge:

Because everyone is even poorer than before, the German government has come up with a new “great” thing to support citizens (irony off). The government makes it possible from October 2022 and until the end of 2024 employers to pay employees a so-called “inflation compensation premium” of up to 3,000 € tax and duty free. In case your employer is paying such a “bonus” to you, we want to point out that this will not be counted as income in BAföG, Hartz IV/Hartz V or Wohngeld (housing benefit). If the offices want to take back the money from you afterwards, please refer to this website of the federal government. Here it says quite clearly: “In addition, the unemployment benefit II/social benefit ordinance is supplemented to the effect that the inflation compensation premium is not counted as income in the case of income-related social benefits.”

In solidarity, your BAföG and social counseling!