27 Jul

Information event on “Filing for the desired degree program” – winter semester 2020/21

We added one more date in September!
It’s the last date for this winter semester 20/21, so please register in time. The appointment will take place on 28.09.2020 (Monday) and will last approximately 2 hours. Please keep in mind: All suits MUST be started by 30.09.2020. So you will have less than 3 days after the appointment to take the first step. This is absolutely possible, but you should be aware of it.

During the current lecture-free period, we are offering several large information events on the topic of “filing for the desired degree program” again. Especially due to the corona-related delays, many students and prospective students are currently confronted with the worry of being rejected in their application process. In our event we will explain you which opportunities you got left to get into your desired degree program anyway. The advising is usually in German. For an advising in German, please send us an email!

Important: In any case, it is enormously helpful if you apply on time, even if you already know that you will get a rejection.
We offer several dates to inform you on this topic. The meetings last about 2 hours and take place via the online tool Jitsi. All you need is a browser and internet access.

Please register in advance for one of the dates by mail at hochschulberatung@asta.tu-berlin.de!

IMPORTANT: Your email to us is your binding registration! We will only contact you if there are too many registrations for one event.
Please bring your rejection letters to the appointments, in case you already got them. They provide information about the reason for the rejection and the university you applied to.

Jitsi Link: https://conference.astatu.berlin/Hochschulberatung

11.08.2020 2 pm (Tuesday).
28.08.2020 12 am (Friday)
01.09.2020 12 am (Tuesday)
08.09.2020 12 am (Tuesday) – Alternative date: 10.09.2020 10 am!
New: 16.09.2020 1 pm (Wednesday)
New: 28.09.2020 11 am (Monday)

Unfortunately, we have a limit for the number of participants per date. If there are too many interested persons, we will offer two more dates in September 2020! We will publish more information about this at the beginning of September.If you can’t make it to any of the dates, please inform us.

IMPORTANT: The deadline to start the filing process is the 31.09.2020! You MUST have taken the first step by then, even if you haven’t received a rejection yet. Therefore, make sure to come to one of our events and get informed on the details.