04 Jul

AStA Summer Party, July 8

Abstrakter Hintergrund mit teilweise schraffierten geometrischen Flächen und Lila, Rot, Grau und etwas Gelb. Im Vordergrund gelbe Schrift mit lila Schatten. [Text] AStA Sommerfest 08.07.2022. Live Musik, Stände, Essen, Getränke.

On Friday, July 8, 2022, the AStA and Ini Summer Party will take place (a bit later than usual in the semester). Start is at 2 pm, the end around 8 pm. As always, on the lawn behind the main building (Hauptgebäude), towards the chemistry building (just follow the good music).

There will be live music, food, drink and information booths of the AStA and many student initiatives at the TU Berlin.

We look forward to seeing you!