Technikpool Equipment – PA


You will always need to pay a deposit of 50. Then you can borrow stuff ‘for this amount’. As a consequence, if the sum total is less than 50, you will pay the fixed amount. If the equipment deposits required exceed 50, the specific sums are added to the deposit.

Overview PA

Here you will find a short overview of our sound equipment (PA). Please take note of our Rental conditions. –> to more Rental Equipment

Rental Unit#DepositDetails
PA 1Amplifier rack (on wheels); 8HE + 6HE-Rack with accessory space11501x frequency crossover: DBX 223 XL 2x PA Head: QSC 1850 HD [2x 600W / 4Ohm, 2x360W / 8Ohm, 2x 900W / 2Ohm, 1x 1800W / 4Ohm-bridge, Speakon outputs, adjustable/switchable HP-Filter] 2x limiter: PAS DS-22

Passive full-range speaker (Top)2JBL MRX 512M [400W, 60 – 20.000Hz, 8Ohm, 97dB SPL (123db peak), 70°x70° sound system, 2-fold speaker flange, Speakon in/out, measurements: 64,5 x 38 x 34,5cm, weight: 14.9kg]

Passive subwoofer (Bass)2JBL MRX 518S [500Watt, 40 – 200Hz, 4Ohm, 100dB SPL (133db peak), Speakon in/out, measurements: 56 x 53,5 x 70cm, weight: 32.5kg]
PA 2Amplifier rack (on wheels); 8HE + 6HE rack with accessory space1150“Frequency crossover: DBX 223 Xs 1x PA head (Top):db HPA3100 L [2x1700W /2Ohm, 2x 1200W / 4 Ohm, 2x800W / 8 Ohm, 1x 2400W / 8 Ohm bridge, 1x3400W/ 4Ohm bridge, 2 XLR In, 2 XLR out, 2 Speakon out. ] 1x PA head (Bass): QSC RMX 2450 [2x 750W / 4Ohm, 2x 500W / 8Ohm, 2x 1200W / 2Ohm, 1x 2400W / 4Ohm bridge, sym. XLR/jack input, Speakon Outputs, adjustable/switchable HP-Filter, switchable limiter] 2x limiter: PAS DS-22”

Passive full-range speaker (Top)2HK Audio L5 115 F Linear 5 [600Watt, 60 – 18.000 Hz , 8Ohm] (1200 Watt program, 2400 Watt Peak), 130 dB max SPL, asymmetrical horn with 60°- 90° x 55°,: (WxHxD): 449 x 708 x 450 mm, 30.1 Kg

Passive subwoofer (Bass)2HK Audio Premium PR:O 18S [500 Watt RMS, 48 – 150Hz, 4Ohm, 104dB SPL (129 dB peak), M20 screw thread for extension stands, Speakon in/out, 39kg, measurements: 53cm x 61cm x 64cm]

Top / PA 3Active full-range speaker270RCF NX 945-A
Up to 135 dB Sound Pressure Level, 2100W Class-D Bi-Amplification, 45-20000 Hz linear frequency response, 4″ Titanium/Neodymium Compression Driver

/ PA 3
Active subwoofer1150RCF Sub 8008 AS
2x 18″ RCF Woofer with 4″ VC Bass-Reflex-Design
2-Kanal-Class-D-amplifier with 2200 W RMS / 4400 W Peak
frequency response: 30 – 120 Hz
max SPL: 137 dB

Monitor / PA 4 / PA 5Active full-range speaker (Monitor)450RCF Art 712-A MK IV + Cover , active Full-range speaker/monitor
Power: 1400 W Peak, 700 W RMS, Max. level: 129 dB, Frequency response: 50 – 20.000 Hz, inputs/outputs: 1/4 inch jack, XLR female / XLR male, dimensions: 637 x 387 x 363 mm, weight: 18 kg, Cover: Art. 247445 oder Art. 250491″

Subwoofer / PA 4Active subwoofer2100  RCF Sub 705-AS II, active 15” Bass reflex-subwoofer, digital power amplifier with 1400W/700W-RMS, 15” RCF Woofer mit 3” voice coil, integrated DSP for X-Over und safety circuits, max SPL 131dB, frequency response: 40-120 Hz, 2x XLR input, 2x XLR output, crossover frequency 80 oer 110 Hz, reverse phase switch, 35mm stand flange, dimensions 568 x 430 x 595 mm, 28kg
BoomboxBoombox 120W150Boombox the box MBA120W, portable active speaker with USB Player, Bluetooth, UHF microphone, 3 inputs (2xMIC, 1xLine), output: Line-Out (jack), runs in battery mode while playing music: ca. 4h, just voices: ca. 6h; 370 x 565 x 300

BoomboxBoombox 400W150Alto Transport 12 Boombox, Portable 12” 1” active speaker, 200 Watt, frequency range 70Hz – 20.000 Hz, XLR/jack combo-input, mic/line switch, phono input, built-in USB player (mp3/WAV), wireless mic, battery life for up to 8 hours, 609 x 381 x 374 mm, 16kg
BoomboxSolar-Boombox 100W150Custom-Made 100W Boombox with 2 Panels. For Voice and Music.

PA accessorySound level meter110ISO Voltcraft SL100 sound level meter

DJ MixerDJ Mixer (2 channels + 1 Mic)320Allen & Heath Xone 23, [4 inputs, 1x mic, 2x phono/line switchable, 3 band kill EQ, crossfader curve switchable, VCF filter (20Hz – 20 kHz), FX send/return, XLR master output, monitor and recording output]

DJ MixerDJ Mixer (4 channels + 2 Mic)130Allen & Heath Xone 43C 4 channels with Phono / Line, 1 flexible microphone input fitted with XLR und jack sockets,  X-FX Send for external effects units, 3-Band EQ with Kill function,
fVCA crossfader,  XLR master output, independent Booth Out, Recording output,  2 headphone outputs: 6,3 und 3.5 mm Jack

DJ MixerDJ Mixer (4 channels + 2 Mic)150 Allen & Heath Xone 92
6 Inputs, 2 Aux-Send,
2 Stereo Mix Out, Booth Out, Record Out, 4-Band EQ, VCA Fader, Penny & Giles Active Crossfader, VCF Filter

DJ MixerDJ Mixer (4 channels + 2 Mic)130Ecler NUO 4.0 [4x stereo channel, 4x phono, 4x line, 1x aux input, 2x mic input, PFL vu-meter]

MixerMixer (4/6 channels / 2 Mic)110Yamaha MG06 6 Kanal Mischpult, 2 microphone inputs, +48V phantom power, 2 stereo inputs (jack), XLR outputs, 149 x 62 x 202 mm, weight 0.9kg

Mixer Mixer (4/6 channels / 2 Mic)1102 Microphone/line inputs: XLR/6.3 mm TRS jack with 48 V phantom power
Line inputs (mono/stereo): 2 x 6.3 mm TRS jack,
Master output: 6.3 mm TRS jack Integrated Bluetooth receiver

MixerMixer (10 channels / 4 Mic)120Yamaha MG10XU, 10 channels, 4 microphone inputs (XLR/jack) with +48V phantom power, SPX effekt processor with thomann 24 Programs, 3 Stereo-Inputs (jack) with 2 Band EQ, XLR-output, 1 AUX channel for all channels, USB with 2 inputs/outputs (compatible with iPad 2 or higher, Camera Connection Kit is required) Measurements: 244 x 71 x 294 mm Weight: 2,1 kg

MixerMixer (12 channels / 4 Mic)120Behringer Xenyx X1204 [4 Mic Inputs with 48 volt phantom power, 75Hz low cut, compressor per microphone channel, internal 24-bit multi-effect unit with 16 presets, built-in USB Soundcard, 2 stereo-inputs, 3 band EQ, 2 aux (pre/post), 2 track in/out, XLR main out, alt 3-4 out with separate output]

MixerMischpult (16 Kanäle / 8 Mic)120Mackie 1642 VLZ4, 16 channel mixer (8 Mic/Line, 2 Mic/Line stereo, 4 sub-groups, 4x Aux, from which 2 pre-/post-switchable), param. 3-Band EQ in Mono abd 4 Band EQ on stereo channels, phantom power, 425 x 131 x 421 mm)

MixerMixer (22 channels / 16 Mic)130Allen & Heath ZED-22FX [16 microphone/line inputs, 3 dual stereo Inputs, preamp with 69dB gain range, 3 aux sends, 1 FX send, USB send and return, highpass filter, mute per channel, built-in effect unit with 16 presets, tap delay and editable parameters, stereo return, 2 track return, 6.3mm und 3.5mm headphone jack, stereo record output, alternative stereo output, mono master output, master control for aux 1&2, measurements: 645 x 95 x 465 mm, Weight: 11.5kg]

MixerMixer (24 channels / 24 Mic)130Allen & Heath GL2400-24 [2 modes (FOH or Monitor), 24 mono-inputs (including 2 mono/dual stereo), 48V-phantom power (individually switchable), mic/line switchable, phase reverse, 100Hz high-pass filter, 4 band EQ with param. Mids, 4-band EQ on stereo, mute, PFL, PAN, 4 sub groups, 3 master outs (L/R and mono), 2 stereo return, 2 track in/out, 6 aux (1-4, 5-6 pre/post), aux 1-4 with inserts, talkback Input (XLR), 7×4 matrix, generator (OSC, pink-noise) switchable, weight incl. case: 38kg]

MixerMixer (18 channels / digital)120Behringer X Air XR18, 18 channel digital mixer, wirelessly controlled over integrated Wi-Fi router, ethernet and multi-channel USB audio interface, connections:16x XLR/jack combo-inputs Mic/Line, 2 line inputs 6.3mm jack, Main-Out XLR, 6x AUX/Monitor Send, Stereo headphone output, MIDI in/output, Ultranet Monitor connection, 4 integrated effect processors, 100 Band Analyzer, iOS, Android and other Software Apps available for free, incl. Rack Mounts, 333x140x150mm, 3.2kg, Tabelt also reservable.

Mixer accessoryTablet130Odys Xelio A10 WiFi Android-Tablet 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) 16 GB Wi-Fi black 1.3 GHz Quad Core Android™ 8.1 Oreo 1280 x 80 with leather case. For the control of Behringer X Air.

AccessoryGraphic Equaliser320DBX 231s [2 x 31 Band Constant Q Filter, switchable ±6dB / ±12dB variable input amiplification, Sym. XLR/Jack inputs/outputs, 50Hz Low-Cut Filter, Dynamic field >108dB] in a rack case

AccessoryCompressor / Expander / Limiter / Gate320Alesis 3632 [Intelligent Knee – soft/hard-knee process, adjustable attack and release times, automated attack and release behaviours, sidechain send and return, switchable low cut Filter, inputs/outputs XLR and jack] in rack case

AccessoryMulti-effect unit120TC Electronic M350, Dual Engine rack processor, 15 Stereo Reverb Effekts, 256 multi-effect/reverb presets + 99 user presets, full DAW integration through VST/AU compatible editor, automatic installation/recognition of the 24 bit S/PDIF digital I/O (coax) from 44.1-48 kHz, 6,3mm jack sockets in/out, MIDI in/out

AccessoryWireless Mic Set130– The t.bone TWS 16PT 863 Mhz, 16 channel UHF wireless system, 9.5″ diversity receiver, bodypack (switchable line/mic) with 3 pol. XLR connection – the t.bone HC 444 TWS, lapel microphone, cardioid, condenser, 3 pol. Mini-XLR connection (AKG compatible) incl. 1 x pop/wind-filter – with case and rack adapter

Player unitCDJ240Pioneer CDJ-350 CD player/MP3 player, playable formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC, Data CDs: CD-R/CD-R-RW, USB interface, loopable with case  

Player unitTurntable220Technics SL-1210 MKII with stylus (Ortofon Concorde pro) (in case)

Player unitDJ Controller1100Pioneer DJ System XDJ-RX2, 17,8 cm big Touchscreen und further functions from CDJ-2000NXS2, Layout and power features of the DJM-900NXS2, multi-coloured performance pads, USB-connection (Link Export) for rekordbox,

Player unitDJ Controller1100Pioneer DJ System XDJ-RX3, 25,7 cm big Touchscreen und further functions from CDJ-3000, Layout and power features of the DJM-900NXS2, multi-coloured performance pads, USB-connection (Link Export) for rekordbox,

Microphone(Funk)130includes BLX4R rack mount receiver, BLX2/SM58 handheld transmitter, microphone clip, single and dual rackmount kit, two 1/4 wave antennas, zipper bag, power supply

MicMicrophone (Vocal)910Shure SM58 LC [dynamic vocal microphone, 50 – 15 kHz, 300Ohm, idle sensitivity: -54,5dBV/Pa (1,88mV)]

MicMicrophone (Vocal)310Shure SM58 S [dynamic vocal microphone with switch; cardioid, 50 – 15.000 Hz, 300 Ohm, idle sensitivity: -54,5 dBV/Pa (1,88 mV)]

MicMicrophone (Instrument)910Shure SM57 LC [dynamic instrument microphone, 40Hz – 15 kHz, 310Ohm, idle sensitivity: -54,5dBV/Pa (1,88 mV)]

MicMicrophone (Instrument)410Sennheiser E604 [dynamic instrument microphone, for recording of drums, brass and wood instruments]; e.g.. ideal for toms and snares with drum kits

MicMicrophone (Instrument)210Sennheiser E609 [dynamic instrument microphone for electric guitar, percussion, brass/wind instruments and drums, 40Hz – 15kHz, 350 Ohm, idle sensitivity: 1,5mV/Pa bei 1kHz, directivity: hyper-cardioid]

MicMicrophone (Instrument)210Rode NT5 [condenser microphone, cardioid, 20Hz – 20kHz, output impedance: 100Ohm, sound pressure level: 143dB SPL, requires 48V phantom power; e.g. ideal as overhead mics for drum kits

MicMicrophone (Kick drum)110AKG D 112 [dynamic microphone, 20Hz – 17kHz, impedance 210Ohm, e.g. for bass drum, electric bass, tuba] incl. stand

MicMicrophone (OH/Hi Hat)210AKG C1000s MKIV, condenser mikrophone, cardioid/hyper cardioid (selectable through PPC), utilisable via 48V phantom or 2x 1.5AA Batteries, pluggable HF shelves through PB-1000, frequency response 50 Hz – 20 kHz, electric impedance: 200 Ohm, sensitivity: 6mV/Pa (-44dBV), sound level pressure: 137 dB, incl. Pop/wind filter and clip, incl. carry bag, diameter: 34mm, length: 220mm, weight: 275g

MicMicrophone (Voice/Recording)210Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Bundle: Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Solution consisting of NT1-A (large diaphram microphone, cardioid, frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz, SPL 137dB, Output impedance 100 Ohm, 48V phantom power, dimensions 190 x 50 x 50 mmm)  + Deluxe shockmount SM6 with integrated tissue pop filter, 6m XLR cable, dust protection case. Millenium MS 2003, microphone stand with clip

MicMicrophone (Voice/Recording)150Rode NTG-2, XLR connection, powered by 1,5 V Alkaline batteries or phantom power 48 V, Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz, sound pressure SPL: 131 dB, Output impedance: 350 Ohm, Dimensions: 280 x 22 x 22 mm, Weight: 161 g, incl. Wind protector und stand holder

MicMicrophone (Voice/Recording)240Rode RodeLink Filmmaker Kit, Digitale Audio radio link for video filmers incl. Rode lapel microphone 2,4-GHz-Band, 128-Bit signal encryption, 8 selectable channels, One-Touch-Pairing, System dynamic range: 112 dB, Carryover: 35 Hz – 22 kHz, sample rate: 24 Bit/44,1 kHz,

AccessoryMicrophone stand (big)1410K&M 210/2; K&M 210/9 [height with boom ca. 210cm]

AccessoryMicrophone stand (small)710K&M 25905 [extra low for bass drum und brass instruments, 380-600mm high, extendable boom arm: 460-765mm]

AccessoryMicrophone stand (very small)310K&M 25950 [for bass drum or specialised recording equipment, 305 mm, extendable boom arm: 425 – 725 mm]

AccessoryTable microphone stand310Millenium DS-30 [extendable three-legged stand, foldable, 3/8“ thread, total height, incl. thread: 280-390mm]

AccessoryStereo microphone stand extender210K&M stereo bar for 2 microphones, screwable on stands mit 3/8“ thread connections
AccessorySpeaker stands310 
AccessoryExtension stands (Pair)1 each for PA 1/2/410For placement of the tops on top of the bass speakers

Accessory / DI8-channel DI-Box120Palmer PAN 16 [passive 8 channel DI Box, switchable Pad -10 dB, -20 dB, -30 dB, switchable ground Lift per channel, XLR and link out per channel, frequency area:10-40000 Hz, transmission ratio: 10:1, 19“ 1HE, in rack]

Accessory / DIDI-Box (Mono)510Palmer PAN 01 [Passive DI box], pad switcher (0dB/-30dB), jack input , symmetrical XLR output, input impedance: 68kOhm, output impedance 600Ohm, max. output level: +6dBu]

Accessory / DIDI-Box (Mono)610Palmer PAN 02 [active DI box, useable with Batteries oder phantom power, pad switcher (0dB/-30dB), jack input, symmetrical XLR output]

Accessory / DIDI-Box (Stereo)410Palmer PAN 04 [Passive 2 channel DI box, pad switcher (0dB/-30dB), jack input, symmetrical XLR output, input impedance: 68kOhm, output impedance 600Ohm, max. output level: +6dBu]

Accessory / DIDI-Box (HiFi, Stereo)110Palmer PLI 04 [passive 2 channel DI box, Input: 2x jack, 2x phono, 1x 3.5mm Stereo jack; Output: 2x XLR (specialised for HiFi appliances and PCs)]

Accessory / DILine Isolation Box (Stereo)210Palmer PLI-02 [2 channel isolation box, per channel: input: combo socket XLR (f) / jack, output: XLR (m), transfer ratio: 1:1, nominal level: 0dB, max. level: +20dB, nominal impedance for input/output: 600 Ohm, ground lift switch]

Accessory / DILine Splitter (2 Ein / 6 Aus)110Monacor IMG Stageline LSP-102, 2 channel, 3 fold Line splitter (2 inputs, 6 outputs), XLR sockets in, 2 galvinised seperated symmetrical XLR outputs mit Ground lift switch per Kanal, 160x55x105 mm, weight 980g

AccessoryMulticore/Stagebox120pro snake MTS24/8M-40 [XLR snake system with Stagebox in cable roller, 24 sends, 8 returns, length: 40m plus head, length: 1,5m]

AccessoryMulticore/Stagebox120pro snake MTS1604-30 [XLR snake with Stagebox in cable roller, 16 sends, 4 returns; length: 30m]

AccessoryMulticore/Stagebox1208-Way multicore, Length: 15 metres
On cable reel with integrated stagebox in the reel,
Metal stagebox with 8 connectors female XLR to male XLR fanout cables

AccessoryHeadphones120Sony MDR-V500DJ [professional DJ headphones, dynamic, closed, max. rated power: 1000mW, frequency area 10 – 25.000Hz, sound pressure 102dB, impedance 40Ohm, cable length 3m; 3,5mm jack plug (incl. adapter for 6,3mm)

AccessoryHeadphones120Shure SRH750 DJ [professional DJ headphones, turnable ear muffs, exchangable cable, 32Ohm rated impedance, frequency area: 5Hz-30kHz, cable length 3m (spiral cable), 3,5mm jack plug (incl. adapter for 6,3mm)

AccessoryHeadphones120Sennheiser HD-25 Monitor headphones, dynamic, geschlossen, ohraufliegend, impedance: 70 Ohm, max. sound pressure level: 120dB(1 kHz,1 Vrms), Crossover: 16 -22000 Hz, Harmonic distortion at 1kHz

Recording deviceAudio-Recorder130Zoom H-4N [portable MP3/WAV recorder, up to 24bit/96kHz, positioning of the internal Mikrophones in 90 and 120 degrees, 2 XLR microphone inputs, intergrated Effects, Guitar amp simulation, phrase trainer, voice unit, USB connection, supports SD or SDHC cards up to 32GB, built in speaker, Limiter, incl 2 GB SD card, pop/wind filter, power cable, USB cable]

Recording deviceAudio-Recorder120Tascam DR-05 V2, portable Digital recorder, recording und playing of mp3 (bis 320 kb/s) und WAV files (bis 24-bit/44.1, 48-bit/96khz), inclusive 4GB Micro SD card, two built-in undirected microphones (Sound pressure level up to 125db), built-in speaker, micro/line input Stereo 3,5mm mini-jack, USB 2.0-connection, dimensions: 61 x 141 x 26 mm

Recording deviceAudio-Recorder130Audio-Recorder: Zoom H6 [portable 6 track audio recorder, up to 24bit/96kHz,up to 6 channels simultaneously recordable, 4 x mic/line input XLR/jack, 6/2 channel USB audio interface, supports SD/SHDC cards up to 32GB and SDXC cards up to 128GB, built-in speaker, powered by 4x AA-Batteries or USB, incl. XY and mid side mikrophone, WSH-H6S foam, USB connection cable. measurements (without microphone): 77.8 x 152.8 x 47.8 mm, incl. Case]