25 Oct

Job announcment Technical Equipment Pool

We are looking for a new collective member for the Technikpool of the AStA of TU Berlin, probably by February 1, 2024.

What is the Technikpool of the AStA of the TUB?

The Technikpool offers all students a rich selection of things to borrow, which are frequently needed in the student body, but are not worth buying individually by themselves.

In addition to booking, lending, returning and routine checks of the technology, the work also includes regular maintenance, care and procurement of spare parts as well as occasional new acquisitions and their extensive inventory.

For some time now, this has also included the rental, maintenance, cleaning and checkbook care of a car. Furthermore, occasional care of the PA and lighting equipment is necessary during set-up/dismantling and operation.

It is regularly necessary to lift heavy objects (~30kg) or come up with technical solutions for this as part of the work in the technical pool.

The following skills are desirable:

  • Driving license class B
  • knowledge of student self-administration and other student structures in Berlin
  • technical understanding knowledge and experience in the field of experience with repair/maintenance of technical equipment
  • Organizational talent communication in stressful situations

We are looking for politically engaged people and find it desirable if you are willing to further work in the AStA, attend meetings and meetings and support unit work.

The job offers:

  • A working time of 40/41 hours per month hourly wage of 13,01€ (based on TV Stud III + TU Berlin supplement)
  • A 2-year contract with an option for extension A self-organized environment with different people who all support the AStA project together

We particularly encourage people to apply who:

  • Are female, inter* and/or trans*, agender or nonbinary;
  • are lesbian, gay or bisexual and/or queer;
  • need to earn their own living;
  • care for dependents, especially single parents;
  • Without a German passport; (post)migrant;
  • BIPoC and Jewish:Jews are and/or people who experience racist and/or anti-Semitic discrimination;
  • Are affected by classism and/or are first-generation students;
  • Have chronic illnesses, disabilities, or severe disabilities; and/or people who experience ableist discrimination.

Please send your meaningful application with CV, phone number and WITHOUT photo by mail until 15.12.2023 (date of receipt) to: AStA TU Berlin, Sec.: TK 2, Finance Department, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623.

The interviews will probably take place from 15.01. – 19.01.2024.

Attention: The mail to us can take a very long time. Therefore, please send the application in time! We do not accept applications by mail.