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BÄföG and Social Counseling is an autonomous point of contact for all your questions about financing your studies. This means it works independently of the University and Studierendenwerk. Established by AStA, this counseling service can assist you with all aspects of receiving BAföG.  We assist you with writing objections and understanding legal statutes and administrative ordinances as well as provide general assistance in dealing with the relevant authorities.

Unlike the advising offered by the University or Studierendenwerk, we are not interested in the simplest and quickest solution, but rather what is best for you. We stand in solidarity with you.

Our areas of focus


Whether you are submitting your first application, transferring to another degree program, need to delay presentation of your certificate of performance (Form 5), would like to extend the duration of funding, or would like to learn about repayment options, we are happy to help you with all questions and concerns relating to BAföG. If your BAföG request was rejected or you are experiencing difficulties with the Studierendenwerk, we can help you write an objection or lodge a formal complaint.

You can find a general guide about delaying the presentation of your certificate of performance for your BAföG application here.

If you need BAföG beyond the maximum funding period, please take a look at the reasons for extension and think about what applies to you before you come to our advice. The extension reasons (it is the same as with the certificate of performance) can be found here

Health insurance

We are happy to advise you on the types of insurance available, how part-time jobs might affect your health insurance, and the advantages and disadvantages of private and statutory health insurance. We can also find ways to ensure that your student health insurance doesn’t end when you turn 30.

Information about health insurance for international students is available here.

Alternative study financing/housing benefit/JobCenter/loans/scholarships

In addition to BAföG advising, one of our areas of focus is advising and assisting you with acquiring alternative forms of financing: Aside from questions about housing benefit, we can help you switch to part-time studies or take a leave of absence, for instance in order to receive unemployment benefit II (ALG II), otherwise known as Hartz IV. Additionally, we can provide information about privately or partially state-funded options such as student loans and scholarships. We serve in an impartial capacity and assist with all problems and objections.

Studying with children

We also provide advising about studying with children. We support you in dealing with the authorities, whether concerning your BAföG application, submitting applications for supplementary assistance to the JobCenter, or relevant contacts at TU Berlin. We can also share further resources and options with you, if needed.

Initial advising / social counseling

Although we offer BAföG and social counseling, our primary focus is on study financing. Nevertheless, we have a large network in Berlin. If we are unable to answer your questions or address your need, we can direct you to the appropriate offices. Please feel free to approach us, even if you are not sure we will be able to help you.

Our counseling and advising services are open to all TU Berlin students as well as all others. Please note that advising provided is not legally binding.

Useful links

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Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counselling Low-threshold advice with quickly available sessions from the Studierendenwerk Berlin

Coverage of contraceptives Adoption of contraceptives for low incomes, e.g. for students (e.g. condoms, IUDs, pills, etc.). Also free tests for sexually transmitted diseases and advice in case of unwanted pregnancy