Educational Policy Department

Office hours:

Monday 13:00-14:00

The Educational Policy Department:

…aims to contribute to the political education of students in accordance with its mandate from the student body. To this end, we publish articles and organize exhibitions and events on topics which are often not addressed by a university organized on capitalistic principles (now more than ever).

…supports politically committed students with the analysis and discussion of current social topics, such as gentrification or racism and the marginalization of refugees, and aims to counter these phenomena

…monitors authoritarian political actions both at the University and in its sphere of influence, and tries to educate students about these and combat them

…strives to maintain an egalitarian and self-organized educational practice in all of its events

Representatives: Marcel, Philipp and Johannes

You can reach us at:
If you would like to meet and get to know us, drop by the AStA offices Mondays between 13:00 and 14:00.