Preparationmeeting for a genaral student assmbly

Hello Inis, groups, Active,

as you might have noticed, we are planning a general assembly of students for 3rd of May. The topic is more current then ever before. Not only in the university for sure.

Although the trends in Berlin universities is in the right direction, there is still very much to do in our opinion, until humans after their refuge have the same access to education, like people born here.

Whether the recognition of already rendered course achievements, the study financing or the security of a shelter. The problems are complex and require the attention of all and our activism.

"Refugees Welcome at University" is the topic on May 3rd at 2pm where we want to talk with you and as many students as possible about common demands to the Senate. A general assembly at the FU end of last year has already laid a good foundation and achieved the first successes. We want to build on it and act berlin far.

We would like to invite you to a preparation meeting on April 26th in the plenarium of the TU AStA. At 5pm we want to present our ideas and collect points that we might not have considered so far to make the VV in May a productive event.

An overview:

open preparation meeting: Tuesday, April 26th at 4pm in TU AStA Plenarium

general assembly for students: Tuesday, May 3rd at 14am in room ER270 TU

Please forward this invitation on your channels.

Solidarity greetings
the preparation group


Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 16:00 to 18:00


AStA-Plenarium (TK 130)