15 Nov

Job Announcement Maschinenraum (IT)

We are looking for a Student as Server and System Admin for the The
General Student’s Committee (AStA) of the Technical University Berlin
from the 1. February 2022

What does the job entail?
Your job would be to look after the server- and computer-infrastructure of the general students committee (AStA) with a colleague. The responsibilities include administration of the email, terminal, printer, backup and web servers and serving the network infrastructure.

Ideally you should have the following qualifications:
• experience with administration (hardware & software) of Linux systems and the services mentioned above
• ability to work well in a team, social skills, dependability, an open and friendly nature
• Independent participation in communication with other departments of the AStA, an understanding of the structures of the Technical University
• (optional) experience with the programming languages Python (Django) and Bash

We are looking for politically engaged people and would appreciate it if you want to get involved in the AStA beyond what your job entails, e.g. take part in meetings and projects.

The Job offers:

  • Working times of 40 or 41 hours per month
  • Hourly wage of EUR 12.96 (in accordance with TV Stud III)
  • An employment duration of 2 years with the possibility of extension.
  • An self-organsied Environment with different people, that are carrying the project AStA.

We would like to particularly encourage the following groups of people:

  • Female, Intersex, Agender, Non-Binary and or Trans* people;
  • Lesbian, Gay or Bi people or people who fall under the category of Queer*;
  • People who have to finance their lives themselves (without institutional or parental aid);
  • People who are raising a child or children, especially single parents;
  • Migrants with or without a German passport and people who experience racist or antisemitic discrimination;
  • people who have chronically ailments or illness, disabled people and people who experience ableist discrimination.

Please send your application (WITHOUT photo) and CV along with your telephone number to: (No applications via mail will be accepted!)

AStA TU Berlin, Sek. TK 2, Finanzreferat,

Straße des 17. Juni 135,

10623 Berlin

The end of the application period is on the 31. December 2021 at 13:00.

The Interviews will probably take place between 10 – 14. January 2022.