Library: abib

Please note that due to the pandemic situation and the emergency mode of our university, abib remains closed for now, meaning lending books is impossible at the moment 🙁

Abib, short for „AstA-Bibliothek“ or „Alternative Bibliothek“, provides you with a well-arranged offer of media from different fields that you most probably won‘t find in other libraries or that are hard to find within the mass of mainstream. We hope to counter the situation of a deminishing critical science at Technical University Berlin.

Out offer covers works about….

  • theory and history of social movements
  • criticism of society
  • philosophy and psychology
  • criticism of technology and science
  • historical politics
  • antifaschism
  • ciriticism of real existing socialism
  • criticisim of literature, art and culture
  • politicial theory and praxis
  • recent political analysisAktuelle politische Analysen
  • a wide (queer-)feminist section
  • political films
  • the archive of constitutional student union of TU („Verfasste Studierendenschaft“)
  • an archive of left-wing newspaper and magazines
  • a special choice of children‘s book and fiction
  • a foreign-language offer of left-wing literature (currently only English)

If you are interested in lending books, feel free to come around when we‘re open!

If you have special literal requests, contact us via mail: or come by.

You can get in touch with us via mail at any time.