As members of the AStA and politically-aware students, we are involved in many different organisational structures and committees. Students from the different departments are active within various university structures, committees, in faculty and institute councils. In some of these structures, the AStA holds a seat. Apart from these adminstrative bodies, there are the institutions of the students' self-administration, among them the student parliament and the student election board.

A small treatise on university structures

The student parliament (StuPa)

The student parliament represents the interests of students against the university administration and in the wider world. It is the organ of the student body. The student parliament has certain subcommittees, among them the Committee for Transport and Semesterticket, which regularly negotiates with the transport companies the price and the conditions of the Semesterticket

The Students' Election Board

is tasked with organising all student elections, among them the election of the student parliament, the election of the autonomous AStA departments, ballot votes ...

The Institute Council

concerns itself with issues of the respective university institutes.

The Department Council, the Educational and Employment Committee

deals with all matters concerning the specific department, among them decisions about staff employment, finances and teaching. Students may petition the department council, and can also be elected as council members.

The Commission for teaching and studies (LSK, short for Kommission für Lehre und Studium')

The Commission for teaching and studies (LSK, short for Kommission für Lehre und Studium')

The LSK is one of the permanent committees of the TU Berlin and counsels the Academic Senate and the university's head of administration.
The LSK is specifically involved with decisions about the implementation and / or cancellation of courses of study, new versions of, and changes to the regulations of study and examination, study reform projects, project workshops and innovation tutorials. More general questions about teaching and studying, for example guidelines for the development of courses of study, or criteria for funding according to teaching obligations are also discussed. There are always five students in the Commission. Address your questions to the AStA's Department for Higher Education Politics.


The Academic Senate (AS)

The Academic Senate is the highest organisational structure of the TU Berlin. It decides all matters concerning the whole university.
Academic Senate

The Board of Trustees (the 'Kuratorium' / KU )

The 'Kuratorium' is comparable to a supervisory board. It consists of members of the university, politicians and representatives of civil society.
Board of Trustees