Whether advising, office work, the finance department, semester ticket office, technology pool, library, or system administration, TU Berlin’s student self-administration is almost entirely run by students. They work in a cooperative structure based on common interests and mutual respect.

Ordinarily, we advertise positions with 40 hours per month for two years at EUR 12.50 per hour; this is comparable to the collective wage agreement for student assistants. We organize our work in such a way so that jobs in the AStA can be balanced with your studies, other political involvement, and family/personal life.

  • Solidarity with the students in Boğaziçi University
    On January 1, Melih Bulu who was nominated as a parliamentary candidate from AKP in 2015, was appointed as a trustee-rector by the president of Turkey, Erdoğan to one of the leading public universities, Boğaziçi University. We believe that it is an attack on freedom and autonomy of universities and one of the last practices […]
  • Solidarity with the students of Belarus
    Since the presidential elections in August 2020, Belarusians have been demonstrating peacefully against the illegitimate President Lukashenko. With the beginning of the academic year in September, students also formed an important group in the protest against Lukashenko’s violence and electoral fraud. They are fighting for a democratic Belarus. In the face of violent repression by […]
  • Newest law impact in times of Corona on your BAföG
    On 28.09.2020 the Berlin Senate passed the long-discussed “Gesetz zur Abmilderung der Folgen der COVID-19-Pandemie im Bereich des Hochschulrechts”. Here we have compiled more detailed information about this. This article focuses on the (expected) impact on your BAföG or the “Leistungsnachweis” after the 4th Bachelor’s semester. As AStA, we find it frustrating that for months […]
  • Decided: extended “individual standard period of study” ( verlängerte “individuelle Regelstudienzeit”) for BAföG during Corona + “free trial” (“Freiversuch”) in exams
    Yesterday on September 17, 2020, the Berlin University Act was amended and the “individual standard period of study” (“Förderungshöchstdauer”) was extended by one semester. That means you will get BAföG one semester longer, regardless of whether you are already in a “funding over the maximum funding period” (“Förderungs über die Förderungshöchstdauer hinaus”). The only important […]
  • New AStA Website
    Hello, since today, the AStA has a new website! So what does this change for you: Nothing! Because all the content of the former site, you will find also here. If you see any errors, please mail them to us via this mailing address: Note: Some english content is missing, but will be added […]
  • Corona Urgency Aid of federal government “Zuschuss für Studierende in akuter Notlage”, becomes active on 16th June 2020
  • Corona and BAföG your performance record
    Due to the Corona- Pandemic, the university administration is only working at minimum capacity. If you are in your 4th Semester and you don’t have the performance record ( Leistungsnachweis), you are going to ask yourself, how to get it.  On the 17th of April The Federal Ministry for education and research made a publication […]
  • Application for technical fund from Studierendenwerk
    The technical fund from the Studierendenwerk can be applied since the 14.05. The motto is “first come, first served”, students can apply between 200 – 500 €, as long as the money lasts! We do not comment on this and just provide you the link. Your social counselling
  • Financing gaps due to Corona?
  • Online Speaking hour of Netzwerk Selbsthilfe e.V.
  • Dziękujemy za Wyzwolenie!
  • Welcome to the new semester!
    This upcoming summer semester 2020 will be challenging for all of us. Nevertheless, the General Students’ Committee (AStA for short) will be there for you – just in an unfamiliar pure digital way! We also have had to adapt to this new form, but we are happy to continue offering you our extensive advisory service. […]
  • A challenging semester – AStA informs you
    Of course, you have many questions this semester – even more than usual. The current situation is not easy for any of us, we are facing new challenges and circumstances. But especially at this moment it’s our particular task to make sure to be there for you to the full extent. As we already mentioned […]