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General questions

Why is this page almost empty?

Seems like no-one found the time to fill it

When will this page be filled?

Soon. Hopefully.

Organised student body and the General Student Assembly

Who is this 'organised student body' anyway?

All students registered with the TU Berlin form the organised student body, which is given its statuary role by the Berlin
Higher Education Law, which defines in its § 18, Clause 1: 'Registered students of a higher education facility form a student body. It is a corporate body with legal capacity of the higher education facility. It administers its own affairs, within the legal framework.'

This means that students are given a self-administration of their own, alongside the organisational structures of the university. The students' self-administration fulfils certain functions which are also stipulated by the above-mentioned law.

The common organ of the student body enables students to assert their interests within the university, but also beyond. Which interests are to be asserted, and how they are are to be asserted, is defined in the student parliament. Its composition is decided in annual elections. The student body can also become active through general assemblies, independently of the student parliament.

Who is this AStA?

The General Student Assembly is elected through the student parliament. Find out about the way it functions on the corresponding sub-pages.

Who pays for all of this?

hrough his or her semester contribution, every student pays the so-called student body contribution. The present amount stands at 8,70 (from summer semester 2015 onwards, 9,10).

I was told you are keen on paying me a luxury trip to South America.

Sorry, this is only an urban legend. However, you are welcome to make a financial application for smaller travels which are necessary within the context of a student initiative.