Application for exemption from the Semesterticket fee


For your application, you will need the following forms:

Termination of Enrollment

  • If you terminate your enrollment, you will be compensated one sixth of the price for each full month you will not use the ticket. The Office of Student Affairs handles these cases. The amount refunded depends on when exactly you return your student ID.

As a rule, all students of TU Berlin are required to pay for the Semesterticket. However, in some cases, students are automatically exempt:

  • Students who are not enrolled at TU Berlin or are not part of the primary student body (i.e. students who are enrolled at another university and study only a minor subject at TU Berlin – so-called 'Nebenhörer', and students not enrolled at any university— 'Gasthörer')
  • Students enrolled at another university in Berlin or Brandenburg and who pay their fees there (double enrollment)

The Registrar's Office automatically handles these cases; you do not have to do anything.

  • Severely disabled students entitled to free transport

The Registrar's Office does not handle these cases automatically! Please submit a color copy of your disability ID as proof.

There are certain justifications for an exemption for one or more semesters. Cases are decided according to the Semesterticket statutes. Fill out the application for exemption and submit it to the Semesterticket Office together with the necessary proof. Valid reasons include:

  • Students who are ill or disabled and therefore cannot use public transport - medical note required!
  • Students living outside the Berlin public transport area (A, B, C) for study reasons for at least four consecutive months (for example if you spend a semester abroad)
  • Students in a supplementary course, further education courses, further master’s courses and other courses; part-time students, and PhD students: List of courses entitling students to exemption (PDF, in German)
  • Leave of Absence
    Note that you will not get a refund for any completed or started months if you apply after the semester has started!
  • Beginning your studies after the semester has already started
    Students who enroll more than a full month after courses have started are refunded one sixth of the Semesterticket fee for each respective month. You will need to apply for the refund in the Semesterticket Office.

Please note: If you are exempt from the fee, you will not receive a Semesterticket. Your student ID will not include the text 'VBB Semesterticket' and cannot be used for public transport. If you apply after the end of re-registration, you will have to pay the Semesterticket fee first and then you will receive a refund if your application is granted.